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Setting the Stage for the Next Global Reserve Currency

Setting the Stage for the Next Global Reserve Currency

Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers

Don’t pass up reading this short article. It is the biggest story there is. Some of us have heard this phrase “global financial reset” for many years now while others, for the first time, are beginning to hear this. Why? Because it is coming soon. So what is meant by the global financial reset? In short, the global financial reset will replace the current system of how the US and the world exchange for goods and services and not only for international trade. This also applies to us when we buy food, gas, pay our bills, invest etc. You see the US has been the world’s reserve currency since the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944. Well this is now, soon, coming to an end. The US dollar will soon cease to be THE world reserve currency and will be replaced by a new system. Thank God Trump is in DC during such a time as this. Beyond the trending news stories of the day is an even bigger story, Setting the Stage for the Next Global Reserve Currency.

Federal Reserve and Federal Express

The gig is up. The for profit banking cartel, (the Federal Reserve), has run it’s course. The Federal Reserve is now well exposed for who they are and for what they have done. The Federal Reserve is no more a government agency than Federal Express. One might consider the inception of the Federal Reserve to be “The Great Coupe of 1913”, and indeed it was, as the US Constitution states that only congress shall have the power to regulate the value and issuance of our currency. This was given away to the for profit bankers, via legislation signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson, who later in his memoirs, regretted this decision. If you are not familiar with what I am talking about it’s high time to get up to speed. The authoritative book on this subject is “The Creature from Jekyll Island“, by the legendary author, film producer and researcher, G. Edward Griffin. In the meantime this link may serve as a quick read shortcut for you.


The IMF is to it’s participating members as the Federal Reserve is to the the United States. The IMF provides support and SDR backing to certain members, (US, Japan, Russia, China, the EU etc.). SDR’s, or “special drawing rights” are a “privilege” ( a debt to banks), and China was granted access almost two years ago. So these select nations are granted SDR’s to provide funding as well as stability and confidence in a country and its currency. The Federal Reserve today is the largest purchaser of the US treasuries which is in essence, a debt to the Federal Reserve by the US. So you can see how the IMF and the Federal Reserve in some aspects provide the same “service”.

There are scores and scores of articles available and videos on YouTube and many are posted on a regular basis on a Facebook page I formed called The Economic Institute. There are many people who are following the global financial reset you may want to look into this. People like Jim Rickards, Jim Willie and many others. Read more about President Trump’s weak dollar policy and this insightful post titled Trump’s Economic Capitalism and the Coming Collapse Blame it on Trump. And FYI don’t let these two links have you for one second believe that I am not a supporter of these policies. I am, 100% Read on.

Indications of the Global Reset

Global sentiment against the US Dollar is rising. This has been going on for quite some time now but is accelerating rapidly today. Pay no attention to the relatively recent surge in the US Dollar as everything is about to to change.

There are many pieces on the global chess board being moved. We are entering a rapidly increasing economic warfare battle with nations. In my view, the long term deep state op, North Korea, has just been liberated from the clutches of the deep state (more on this view in another article) and is preparing to come aboard with Trump and the new plan. Global support for Trump is on the rise. There are the tariffs, currency devaluations, trade deficits and Trump’s tax overhaul to create incentives to bring manufacturing back to America. There is De-regulation, thus paving the way for energy exploration and distribution and much more. This brings us to gold. Gold? Yes gold. There are no longer any currencies including ours that have any tangible backing. It is no wonder that China is the world’s largest producer and purchaser of gold. And China is hoarding it. They do not sell it, they keep it. It is sort of a battle for supremacy to be a competing world reserve currency.

So with this global financial reset that is coming, watch gold as gold in essence becomes the “world reserve currency”. Russia too is dumping US treasuries and acquiring massive amounts of gold. President Trump discusses gold and the dollar in this Forbes magazine review. To increase demand for a stable currency and to prevent governments from printing willy-nilly via fiat currency, versus keeping currencies in check by a solid backing like gold, the battle rages on for currency supremacy. Who is the power being shifted and eventually taken away from? The Rothschild Central Banks, The IMF and the Federal Reserve. But not without a battle. Thus a world in chaos.


So the stage is being set for a global financial reset of sorts. Exactly how and when this plays out is anybody’s best guess. Could the dollar be backed by gold and a basket of commodities and the battle for the world reserve currency continues?  USA and perhaps China as two competing world reserve currencies of choice? Or will we move to a one world currency? Will, these events happen in stages? My guess is, it’s already being orchestrated behind the scenes (actually has been for about ten years). I would say this reset will occur as soon as October 2018 or sometime perhaps before the 2020 re-election of Donald Trump. But the first election of Donald Trump has thrown a wrench in the spinning spokes of the globalists wheel and thus expect turmoil and economic warfare for some time to come. But the old order, the Rothschild Central Bank -Federal Reserve etc,. system, which has seized control over money itself, has for the first time, a real formidable and present danger of being De-throaned. Hooray at last!

We know what happened to Lincoln with the Confederate money and the greenback. We know what happened to JFK with E.O. 11110, and we know that Regan took a bullet to redirect him back on track to the banksters money madness. So thank goodness President Trump has the key military protections and support as well as his own private security detail. And thank God as he provides, wisdom, courage, strength and protection for this president. But make no mistake, the global financial reset is “knock – knock – knockin’ on global’s door”. And soon, the word will change. And the global support that we will need will happen. It is happening. And as the hearings, probes, grand juries, indictments, trials and tribunals surface and escalate for all the world to see, we shall continue to see that the rats are on the run and so buckle down as they are going to escalate the madness against us and the president creating distractions, death, division and chaos. But in the end, they lose.The great awakening is taking place. We are now winning.Trump+Time = Winning.

The global financial reset is coming. What to do? Let your voice be heard at the ballot box. Get politically active in one way or another. Buy some gold and be on the right side of history. And pray for the safety of this president and this nation.

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US Federal Debt Hits 19 Trillion

US Federal Debt Hits 19 Trillion

US Federal Debt Hits 19 Trillion

U.S. Federal Debt Hits $19 Trillion.Congratulations to the “Demicans” and Republicrats” and of course to the Fed, the present executive branch, congress and the elitists towards a global financial reset. The United States, the largest debtor nation in the world has just reached $19 Trillion and counting. Approximately every thirty seconds the Federal Debt rises by another $1 Million U.S. dollars. Economists, mathematicians and history tells us this will not have a good ending.

Debt Based System

This means of a fractional reserve debt system controlled by a private for profit corporation has not worked out too well for the American people and thus the world to a greater or lesser extent. I mean we do not have a more stable monetary financial system at all. What we have is a debt based monetary system no longer backed by gold or silver. We have a currency that will soon be replaced as the world’s reserve currency. The Federal debt alone is $19 trillion dollars. It is mathematically impossible to pay off this debt which will in a couple of short years will soon reach $22 trillion and will make the U.S. situation look like Greece on steroids!

And so by this means of fractional reserve banking, governments may secretly and unobserved, confiscate the wealth of the people and not one man in a million will detect the theft. This system of fractional reserve banking and the printing of all this fiat (now digital fiat) currency, is purely inflationary and the U.S. dollar has lost over 95% of its purchasing power since its inception. Time is running out and this election cycle will make or break us a s a nation. View other related posts on this subject here. Meanwhile tic-tock-tic-tock. USA debt clock.

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It’s Happening – Trump And The Great Awakening












It’s Happening – Trump And The Great Awakening

Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers

I am reaching out to everyone here in this article; Democrats, Liberals, Republicans, Conservatives, Troops for Trump and Trump haters. I expect support and I expect to be attacked, it matters not. I am simply  expressing my views and asserting my will into my life and into this world. I will do this with courage and I will do this with love. Read this post and the links within and most importantly – WATCH THE VIDEO!

The great awakening within the human spirit has been underway now for some recent years. I wrote about this in one of my books back in 2015. However today, the much needed course correction that I have been speaking and writing about for nearly two decades has just begun. This article, It’s Happening – Trump And The Great Awakening, will provide the insights we all need to not only ground us through the extraordinary days that are here now and lie ahead, but also unite us, empower us, and inspire us to spread the truth so that we can play a part in exposing and obliterating the true enemy on the road to making the world a better place for posterity. Please, WATCH THIS SHORT POWERFUL REVEALING VIDEO right now in conjunction with reading this article.

Cabal Control Coming To An End

The cabal control, the Deep State, is coming to an end but not without a fight. You see, there is a system in place, a clandestine, sophisticated network that controls the world we live in. It creates the narrative that permeates throughout the world and becomes the false reality we have all come to know as our way of life.

They have infiltrated and control the monetary system through central banking, the media, politics, religion, education, pharmaceuticals, much of the intelligence communities, entertainment and so on. In essence, we have both, left and right, become regurgitating members of the robotic hypnotic flock. Our civilization is now at the beginning stages of a major collision, a battle between good and evil of biblical proportions. The much needed course correction is now under way. You can be part of the solution or part of the problem. I hope you don’t chose the latter. We the people must meet this challenge. Failure is not an option. For those who are new to this subject matter, I am afraid you have a lot of catching up to do and fast. Why?

Global Governance

Global governance is about power and control over everything, including life itself. These tyrannical psychopaths are in fact the shadow government, weaving their web of chaos and destruction. They use the front groups, treaties, institutions, and governments they established as well as the puppets they put in place to man these. These are all laid out on this blog website, in my books and many other places and you should go have a look at these when you can.

Puppets? Powerful puppets like the Bushes, Obama, Merkel, Clinton’s, Trudeau, to name but a few. It is this shadow government and its henchman and accomplices who are the enemies of freedom. These are our true enemies. Know your enemy well.

They start and fund both sides of every war. They poison our food, air, land, and water. It is they, who force dangerously laced vaccinations on us and rain toxic heavy metals down on us from the sky (Geo-engineering / Chemtrails). It is they, who build nuclear power plants on top of earthquake faults and in tsunami zones. They kill innocent people via false flags like Sandy Hook, Las Vegas and countless others all as an attempt to divide and conquer and to try to impinge upon the second amendment. They create operations like ISIS, creating fear, funding wars and agendas and making this an awfully fearful dark world. They must censor and control our speech to silence the opposition and flood the world with propaganda. They must take away our guns so that they can achieve the stated goals of the New World Order. Sounds crazy? It’s high time you study up on this. Expand your mind. Expand your thinking.

It is they, as recently released by Wiki Leaks and NSA files, who are satanic pedophiles and Pedophilia is the Achilles Heel of the Deep State. They murder, rape, and pillage with no conscience and without consequence. They create harmful drug dependency. They profit from drugs and child sex trafficking. They violate laws, racking up scores of felonies and acts of treason by keeping vital secrets of a nation on a private server in the bathroom with no firewall or security of any kind, yet escape justice. They steal elections like in the case of Hillary vs. Bernie and rigged the election against Donald Trump, yet still lose thanks to the White Hats and others. We must know who our enemy is and label them. We must not permit our enemy to define for us who our enemy is, as this is a diversion. In this, they are succeeding. STOP! I am not your enemy. You are not my enemy and Donald Trump is not our enemy. This is divide and conquer. Can we unite against these things just mentioned in this and preceding paragraphs? Most rational people would say yes.

Are You and I Really Enemies?

How is that our friends, neighbors, family and loved ones have become enemies? That is simple. Divide and conquer. Many of us have been aware of the media bias and corruption for decades, while others are just becoming aware of this and in no small part thanks to President Trump and his effective labeling, “Fake News“. You see they have successfully divided us into endless categories via the MSM, (both the left and right) and by false flags to name but a few methodologies. This is deployed to pin us up against one another as they take us all down to a very desperate and unhappy life situation. The divisions are nearly endless; Black-white, Men-women, Muslim-Christian, Gay-straight, Democrat-Republican, old-young, rich-poor and so on. Social, political, religious and class warfare. You get the point. Meanwhile who are we really? I’ll tell you what the majority of us are, we are friends, neighbors, associates, family and loved ones seeking peace, security, prosperity, opportunity and happiness. So why all this division? They do this so they can preoccupy us, keeping us ever engaged in useless debates of mostly false narratives. Partisan divisions of truly trivial matters and distractions while being enslaved by a hidden enemy. They set us up to destroy ourselves so they may implement their ultimate agenda. Learn about Hegelian Dialectic, False Flags and Problem-Reaction-Solution. This will then, make more sense. So, are you and I really enemies? No, I shall say not. We are not the enemy, they are. Yes tragedy brings unity but why must we wait until the next catastrophe? And by the way, it’s coming. Unite now.

Failed Attempts To Restore Humanity

“There is a plot to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot” – JFK Seven days before his assassination. JFK also spoke about the dangers of secret societies in a speech he gave at the Waldorf Astoria in NY on April 27, 1961. Additionally, JFK, via Executive Order 11110, was making moves to minimize and remove the powers of the unconstitutional central bank system via the private for profit banking cartel, the Federal Reserve. He also would have prevented the escalation of Vietnam which was big business for the bankers, LBJ and many others. There have been many others who have paid the ultimate price either by loss of freedom or by death, exposing the crimes and injustices against us all. People like MLK, RFK, Princess Dianna, Gandhi, JFK Jr., and many others. This includes less stellar names like Julian Assange, Seth Rich, Justice Scalia, and scores and scores of brave people in politics, military, finance, healthcare and people from every day walks of life. And if you ever find me swinging from a noose in my hotel room like Anthony Bourdain or Kate Spade, it’s “suicided” not suicide.

Deconstructing the Deep State

Truth be told, Trump already began exposing elements of the deep state during his candidacy. How you may ask? By exposing the media as to what they are, fake news. By raising the issue of voter fraud and election theft. By speaking of a corrupt and rigged economic and political systems and by raising questions about BHO’s birth certificate and 911. You think this is off the cuff? By accident? Think again.

So now we have President Trump leading the way in exposing the Pedophile rings in Hollywood and in politics as well as the data coming forth via the IG I and IG II reports and this along with thousands and thousands of indictments already prepared is but the tip of the iceberg. They are all going down and sooner than you may think. I wrote about this way back in 2017 and you can read it here, Nuremberg Style Trials Coming Soon and It’s Either Us or Them. You see both of these statements are true and its beginning to happen as I type these words. Check out steps six and seven on the Scale of Discovery and Action. Time + Trump = Winning.

North Korea and the Global Financial Reset

For some years now, those of us who have already been awakened, have been hearing about and following the great global financial reset. Well, this reset in part was to devalue the Euro then the Dollar, bankrupt America, shift the power from West to East, and shift the currency power and demand to China as a regional then world reserve currency with support from the IMF and hoards of gold and other commodities to back it. With Trump now in DC, a wrench has been thrown in the spokes of that spinning wheel. There will be a reset of the global monetary system and its coming soon. How this will play out and when this will play out is difficult to forecast with any degree of accuracy. But it sure looks like the global monetary system is about to change hands. There is much to write about this in a dedicated article at a later date. Be prepared.

The Deep State has been driven out of North Korea. They (cabal), are losing every key battle behind the scenes. Know this to be true. North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Cuba and others are in fact Deep State ops and always have been. There is more to the meeting with Kim Jong Un besides de-nuclearization and ending the 68 year war. It ties into the global financial reset and soon, like all other matters, this will surface as common knowledge. Hang on to your hats.

Peaceful Overthrow of the Old World Order

All Coup d’ etat attempts to date against President Trump have failed. They are losing control. Trump is well guarded and protected not just from the secret service but from his own force as well as the good guys in the military. Let us not forget the hand print of God is all over this President and this country. What we are witnessing is a peaceful overthrow of the old world order. Events, however, by clandestine design, are heating up. Expect more and more false flags of all kinds, civil unrest, chaos, mayhem and turmoil as the ignorant people are being used as cannon fodder by the desperate cabal which is imploding everywhere you turn right before your very eyes. This is in fact a covert war of biblical proportions playing out between good and evil. Peace and prosperity is returning but not without a fight. The realist in me says things will become increasingly more dangerous and disruptive and at times unbearable before they get better. Confusions will continue to erupt in people and in places as order is being put into the situation and once hidden truths are being revealed. But we are now winning.

Trump and the Great Awakening

People are waking up and breaking free from the controlled matrix. Once the probes lead to grand juries, indictments, trials, tribunals and convictions for the world to see, then they will know and the pendulum would have made the complete and necessary shift. This is why Obama, Clinton, Bush, the MSM and the controlled matrix (Trilateral commission, Vatican, CFR, Bilderberg and so on) are giving it all they got. Their last ditching effort before they are fully exposed and taken down. So again, many people are waking up. People like Kanye West for example and many, many others of fame and influence in music, Hollywood and politics. The Brits spoke loud enough with the BREXIT move for example. I wrote about this in an article called Trump Global Support Coming Soon. But every day people, black, white, Hispanic, rich, poor, Democrats, Republicans are waking up and coming aboard. Sure many will remain in the closet but will still cast their vote against the true enemy at the ballot box. Some will come out in full support of truth in this movement for humanity. It is time to show your support for this brave President and for so many others in the Pentagon, intelligence communities and administration as well as other leaders throughout the world. In my opinion, the mid-term elections will indicate victory towards this peaceful overthrow and power shift against the true enemies at hand. And the 2020 elections will prove to be a 48 state historic crushing landslide and the end of the bought and paid for two party system as we know it. Like I said in the tag line of my book “Trump and the Resurrection of America” , Leading America’s Second Revolution. The Battle Begins.

In Closing

Trump is a true existential threat to the old world order. With this recent upset of the century, the shadow government of this world has experienced its first real setback with the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. The globalist cabal now tremble as Trump and this movement threaten their totalitarianism world government. Although optimism has returned, the battle now begins as President Donald J. Trump leads America’s second revolution.

Come aboard. Be on the right side of history. Fight the true enemy. Surround yourself with like minded people who understand the times in which we live and expand those circles. Follow Q and others. WATCH THIS POWERFUL REVEALING VIDEO . Pray for peace. Pray for our President and his family. And when your children and grandchildren ask you, “What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust upon America and the world?”, what will your answer be? Freedom, it’s up to us.


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Time + Trump = Winning

Time + Trump = Winning

Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers

What an exciting and amazing time to be alive. For those of us who have been awakened to the tactics of the left and the once secret shadow government and deep state, we now rejoice in the blessings and enormous progress that is presently taking place. Time + Trump = a much more engaged and informed electorate. The left and deep state are in a panic now and it is they who are are on the run. Time + Trump = Winning.

Unlikely Leader To Emerge

Back in 2008, having formed the Save America Foundation a 501(c)(4), I was quite busy as an activist of sorts. We held monthly forums, large scale conventions in multiple states and I began my speaking tour to Tea Parties, Patriot Groups and Republican Clubs covering eight states, dozens of cities and eventually three countries. I also hosted my own radio program called “Freedom, It’s Up To Us” on 860 WGUL, Tampa Bay market.

But fresh off the heels of Bush II and the havoc his globalist presidency wreaked (yes of course I voted for him), we ended up with BHO, the treasonous fraud. Now Barry, picked up the torch and carried the globalists’ NWO agenda forward but on steroids if you will. I had come to the conclusion that America could not be saved at that time as our freedoms and civil liberties had been decimated over 24 years of three deep state puppet presidents. That’s the present time realist in me. The long term optimist in me knew and stated in public and in writing, that we will see the emergence of a great leader, an unlikely great leader (and leaders) who will arrive in hour final hour of need. Brexit aside, that most unlikely leader arrived on an escalator on June 16, 2015, his name Donald Trump.

Star Trek

The Save America Foundation was like Star Trek, we went where no man had gone before. You see the Tea Party and many Republican Groups at that time distanced themselves (not all) from the SAF . Why? You see, back from 2008 – 2014, being very active across America, much of the subject matter of what we addressed fell upon deaf ears and we were labeled a bit of a fringe group, you know ” conspiracy theorists”. You get the idea. Well people like Judge Andrew Napolitano, Sheriff Richard Mack, G Edward Griffin and many, many other brilliant and brave patriots supported the SAF. They knew what we knew. But most of Americans  were still in their hypnotic trance and oblivious to the real and present dangers that were wreaking havoc on our way of life.

Hypnotic Robotic Flock

Back then when you surveyed a room asking if the Federal Reserve was a government agency, more than 50% raised there hands believing this was true. Well today when I survey, 99% know that the Federal Reserves is no more a government agency than Federal Express.

You see the SAF also addressed the taboo subjects like extreme voter fraud and voter theft, again gaining little support from other activists groups whose help we needed in exposing this in order to move the agenda forward. We talked about media bias (including FOX), false flags like 911, school shootings, Sandy Hook, Oklahoma, Waco and so on and people were appalled by such “outlandish assertions”.

We shouted from the rooftops that there was a shadow government controlling the two headed one party system that was taking us down to serfdom. We spoke of MK Ultra and other deep state CIA methods of using subjects to carry out their missions. We lashed out against the WMD narrative as a pretense to go to war with Iraq. We helped spearhead Agenda 21 (now agenda 2030 has arrived) and this too took a long time to be realized as a devastating disruptive uncomfortable truth. We provided historical and current data showing who the Bush’s, Clinton’s, and Obama’s were. I can go on and on but I think you get the point. The problem is the “sheeple” were not ready. Our pulpit and voice was too small. This all changed with the emergence of Donald Trump. As you recall, he stated at the RNC “I am Your Voice” and indeed he is. And so now, everything has changed.

Pad Thai Noodles and The Escalator

We all have our story. What’s yours? It’s like…where were you when JFK was assassinated? Well where were you when you recognized the miracle of Trump? Me? I was in Thailand (my second home) enjoying Thailand’s amazing cuisine. Thanks to my Mac, good WiFi and YouTube, I missed nothing. So there I was watching the now famous escalator moment on June 16, 2015 when Donald Trump made his official announcement that he was running for president and he was serious and this was real. Immediately I got chills and said to myself – “could this be the most unlikely leader that will emerge in our final hour of need that I stated and knew would arrive back in 2011”? My instincts was yes, as my intuition was spot on. So I launched my blog website, writing almost daily in support of Trump and then wrote the book “What One Man Can Do” in support of Trump’s candidacy. If you send me an e-mail, I will send you within 24 hours, a free digital copy of this book.

So after enjoying five years in Asia, it did not take me long before I flew 10,000 miles back to the USA, wrote the book “Trump and the Resurrection of America” (since nominated for the 24th Annual Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Awards), and resumed my nationwide public speaking tour in support of Donald Trump. I am actively writing and speaking to this day in support of Trump and the resurrecting of America.

Time + Trump = Winning

And so there is much truth to this simple formula; Time + Trump = a much more engaged and informed electorate. Don’t be swayed by the once powerful media. It’s all BS. They too are exposed and in complete panic. They have basically De-cloaked as has the bulk of the rest of the enemies of freedom. Today the subjects that I mentioned and much more are gaining widespread acceptance and from more and more people and not only among activists, but from every day folks who tend not to get politically engaged. This awakening extends to an ever increasing number of Democrats and leftists as well. Not just vocal and notable powerful successful celebrities like Rosanne Barr, Kayne West, Dennis Rodman, Kim Kardashian (to name only a few). But mark my words, there will be millions of closet Democrats and independents (in the closet for now), who will cast their vote for President Trump in 2020 which will perhaps be the greatest 48 state landslide in US history.

We are winning and the left and deep state are now exposed and on the run. And after the 2020 election, we may see the end of the two party system as we knew it and will open the doors for true free and fair elections. Today, I can proudly say that I am a Trump Republican. More on that subject at  a later date. Let’s get this absolutely critical mid-term under our belt. Get out and vote. And so my friends, the formula, Time + Trump = Winning is a juggernaut, a phenomenon that wont go away anytime soon. In fact this has just begun. This is happening by the Grace of God as God’s fingerprints are all of this.

Action Changes Things

Get out there. You will get more accomplished than sitting here on FB! Meet like minded patriots and be a part of the MAGA agenda. A “Troop for Trump”. Join a local Trump Club, Republican Club, Tea Party and Patriot group. If not us then who? If not now then when?

Pray for our President and let’s give this man Donald Trump a round of applause for his incredible bravery and service and give him all the support he needs. When your children and grandchildren ask you – “What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust upon America and the world”, what will your answer be? Freedom, it’s up to us. Stay safe and God bless.


Nominated for the 24th Annual Colorado Independent

Publishers Association EVVY Awards



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Trump’s Economic Capitalism and the Coming Collapse, Blame it on Trump

This has been an amazing week and an amazing first year and half into Trump’s presidency. Corporations are repatriating capital back to the U.S.. Steel, cars and more will be manufactured once again here at home. President Trump’s tax plan creates incentives for U.S. corps, thus jobs are returning home as jobs follow manufacturing. Recently the President renegotiated the trade deal with China addressing the almost $400 billion dollar trade deficit to cut its trade deficit with the U.S. by $200 billion annually. President Trump is now following suit with other countries as well including, Canada and Mexico, renegotiating trade deals including tariffs etc. Trump, unlike most all President’s in recent history, is keeping his campaign promises, I for one am thrilled. So what do I mean when I say Trump’s Economic Capitalism and the Coming Collapse, Blame it on Trump. Will there still be a collapse if we have Trump at the helm? Well consider this.

Trump’s Economic Capitalism and the Coming Collapse, Blame it on Trump

Yes, it is true that President Trump has created 3.3 million new jobs with women at the lowest unemployment rate in 18 years. African American unemployment has reached the lowest level in the history of our country. The CEO of BET credits Trump for more black Americans being employed. Kayne West and Candice Owens are praising Trump for who he is and for what he is doing. We also now have, thanks to President Trump’s policies, the most jobs available in the history of our country! Unemployment rate at the lowest level since the turn of the century and Hispanic unemployment at the lowest level in the history of our country as well and GDP is up. You can listen to President Trump himself report these stats by clicking here.There is a much more extensive list of Trump’s accomplishments not only in the economic arena, but in many, many other areas of concern on the pathway to resurrecting America as we MAGA. So what do I mean by the coming collapse? The Bilderberg group, the CFR, theTri-lateral Commission, the bankers, along with the Deep State, Democrats, many swamp dwelling Republicans, and others are hard at work undermining Trump. Well put on your seat belt and please don’t shoot me I am only the messenger.

Coming Collapse Draws Near

You see Trump inherited a nation in distress thanks to the previous three presidents over the past 24 years as Clinton, Bush and Obama were all globalist’s presidents, marching to the false song of globalism, following their orders well, working with the ruling elite and the Deep State towards the attainment of Global Governance, you know that New World Order thing George H.W. Bush told us about way back when.  When the collapse comes, and it’s coming folks, the MSM and the lunatic left will undoubtedly blame it on Trump. This can be problematic as you can imagine. You know this and I know this. In fact, they may collapse the markets just as President Trump is gaining momentum because people often vote with their pocketbooks and we are coming up on the mid-term election as well as the election of 2020. I can hear it now, “Braggadocios businessman President Trump collapses the economy”. So let’s look at some of the numbers of the absolute mess this sitting president has inherited. Then you will begin to see why the coming collapse is drawing near. Oh yeah and remember this, it took from George Washington to George W. Bush to accumulate $10 trillion in Federal debt. It took only 8 years of the fraudulent President Obama to create another $10 trillion.

Connecting the Dots on the True State of the Economy

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a staunch supporter of this president and most all if not all of his policies and positions and have been since the beginning. I am not a late arrival. In fact, I have authored two books and written over 300 articles which can be found on this blog site, spoken in 8 states, dozens of cities and 3 countries, to help raise awareness and support for Donald Trump. Two such books are “What One Man Can Do” and “Trump and the Resurrection of America“. But even Donald Trump himself forecast a major recession. The mess we are in is simply unsustainable. President Trump has the right policies but perhaps arriving a bit too late. Consider this.

Debt – The Federal debt today is $21 trillion. President Trump himself estimated this number to be at $30 trillion in 2028. But the number nobody talks about when it comes to the Federal debt are the future obligations and unfunded liabilities of the Federal government and that escalates this number to over $155 trillion. States are hemorrhaging too and they do not have the ability to simply borrow and print from the Federal Reserve so the states are in trouble as well. The day of reckoning for state pensions is now upon us. All state pensions will go belly up between 2017 – 2045 according to a study done by Professor Josh Rauh at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Student loan debt now exceeds $1 trillion which is another bubble mid bursting. Credit card debt is skyrocketing passing the levels of 2008. The world is in debt up to it’s eyeballs in the Ponzi schemes of Ponzi schemes with the U.S. being the largest debtor nation in the world. Then there are the derivatives. The estimated amount strewn throughout the world as well as the five major world banks is in the unknown quadrillions. This derivative death trap alone, may bring the world to a meltdown the likes of which have never been seen before. There is much more to the debt story but let’s move on to another problem.

Unemployment – Yes President Trump is making major progress in this area however let’s take a peek behind the curtain. You may recall candidate Trump on the campaign trail stating the unemployment rate was over 20%. He was right. You see there are six different ways to report the unemployment figures and elected officials chose to report the stat that does not include those who gave up looking for work, those that fell off the unemployment rolls, those that took part time work and other factors. This is how and why they can report a much lower number. Although Trump has made significant progress in this area, as of April 2018, the real rate of unemployment is 21.5%.

Understanding Trump’s Weak Dollar Policy – This is very important. Clinton-Bush and Obama, all Globalists, were marching to the footsteps of the ruling elites agenda, selling us the false song of globalism. They were all strong dollar policy presidents as they outsourced our jobs and spread our wealth around the world. Well with President Trump’s arrival, there has been a paradigm shift of economic policy. A complete reversal of what we have had in the past three administrations, over 24 years. Trump is a weak dollar policy president and this is just what the doctor ordered. You see, Clinton-Bush-Obama were strong dollar policy presidents. Why? Foreign countries under a strong dollar policy pay a higher price for American goods and 70% of what we consume is imported so foreign goods coming to America are cheaper keeping us fat and happy. So manufacturing and other jobs have been successfully exported over the past 24 years and as we import cheap stuff we exported our jobs to get it. Thus 21.5% unemployment and the rust belt aptly named.

A strong dollar boosts the rest of the world bringing the U.S. down. Trump wants to MAGA – Fix trade imbalances, lower taxes, and remember, jobs follow manufacturing which is good for America as corporations are returning home. So, Trump wants to bring the manufacturers back to USA. Trump wants the world to be buying our goods. How? By a weaker dollar. With a weak dollar, foreign countries will be able to buy more of our goods and since there are less than 400 million Americans, and over 7 billion people in the world, we will increase GDP receipts significantly when the rest of the world is buying our goods. This will take time. So what we have here with Trump is a complete reversal of decades of work by the ruling elite – truly a clash of world views with quadrillions of dollars at stake. So what comes with a weak dollar policy? Rising interest rates to curb inflationary pressures. Rising rates and inflation. Best explanation of this can be found here by PhD Economist, Dr. Kirk Elliott.

Death of the Dollar – Yes the dollar will have its trending up tics based on situational events along the way. We see this happening today. But the fundamentals of President Trump’s policy remain fully in force. The dollar has already dropped about 10% since being elected and over time this trend will continue as a result of public policy. The Fed will continue to raise rates for some years to come. Interest rate cycles run on average 28 years. We just finished a 32 year cycle of nothing but declining rates to near zero. This has all changed and will continue this new trend for years to come. No one is buying U.S. treasuries any longer like they used to. In fact, they are selling them. They see the writing on the wall as the dollar’s demise is inevitable and we are the largest debtor nation in the world. Do you know who is the largest purchaser of the US Dollar? No, it’s no longer China. It’s the Federal Reserve, the PRIVATE FOR PROFIT BANKING CARTEL, hello inflation!

With a weak dollar, prices rise, we get higher inflation, this triggers a higher cost of borrowing and as a result, people spend less. This hurts the economy and corporate profits. Then with the higher cost of debt service this impacts companies and their stock valuations. Lay offs ensue and this is problematic. Trump’s policies are right for America but perhaps far too late. Seems the medicine we need may also kill the patient. The days of the U.S. dollar as a sole reserve currency for the world are coming to an end. The great financial rest is upon us. Some say, like Jim Rickards for example,  in 2018, others indicate perhaps in a couple of short years at best. Time will tell. In a recent Forbes magazine article, Trump has indicated backing our currency perhaps by gold. WIse. And a wake up call to the points I am addressing.

The Elephant in the Room

This one is a biggie thus the elephant in the room. Just as government officials under report the true rate of unemployment, the same is done when it comes to reporting the rate of inflation. Inflation, CPI (consumer price index) is not 2% it is actually 6.12% and is under-reported by over 258%, this according to PhD economist Dr. Kirk Elliott who devised the model for calculating the real rate of inflation in his dissertation.  Remember the Federal debt today is at $21 trillion going to $30 trillion in a few short years. Well, Trump’s policy triggers rising interest rates right? So in round figures, today just to pay the interest on the national Federal debt, this current $21 trillion, at 2.0% we pay $400 billion in interest payments. At 4% we pay $800 billion. At 6% we pay $1.2 trillion. This is just the interest on that debt. Presently 72% of our GDP goes to pay for mandatory benefits and entitlements SS, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare etc. The Federal governments’ obligations for these mandatory payments and entitlements cost us $2.6 trillion annually. GDP is only $3.5 trillion that is 72% of Federal revenues. So as interest rates rise we are in deep trouble. Rome fell at only 1/3. Tic toc-tic toc…

Then There Is This

The following data comes from a recent post by Zero Hedge and reports some alarming signals setting the stage for a collapse.

#1 The “smart money” is getting out of stocks at a rate that we haven’t seen since just before the financial crisis of 2008.

#2 Moody’s is warning that a “particularly large wave” of junk bond defaults is coming.  And as I have written about so many times before, junk bonds are often an early warning indicator for a major financial crisis.

#3 According to the FDIC, a closely watched category known as “assets of problem banks” more than tripled during the first quarter of 2018.  What that means is that some really big banks are now officially in “problem” territory.

#4 U.S. Treasury bonds are having the worst start to a year since the Great Depression.

#5 Mortgage interest rates just hit a 7 year high, and they have been rising at the fastest pace in nearly 50 years.  This is going to be absolutely crippling for the real estate and housing industries.

#6 Retail industry debt defaults have hit a record high in 2018.

#7 We are on pace for the worst year for retail store closings ever.

#11 Italian two year bond yields are the highest that they have been since the crisis of 2014.

#12 German banking giant Deutsche Bank just announced that it will be cutting another 7,000 jobs as it “seeks to turn the page on years of losses”.  Those of you that have followed my work for a long time know that I have written extensively about Deutsche Bank, and it really is amazing that it has survived for this long.  If Deutsche Bank fails in 2018, it will essentially be a “Lehman Brothers moment” for the entire planet.

Economists the world over agree that we are in an “everything bubble”. People like Jim Rickards, Max Keiser, Mark Faber, Harry Dent, Dr. Kirk Elliott, Gerald Celente and many others. Peter Schiff said “Regarding this economic collapse – everything that can go wrong will”. Bank of America just said – “The biggest sell signal in 5 years was just triggered”. Jim Rogers says – “The Dollar Will Crash”. Trump Forecasts major recession 2016 Washington Post

 The Impact And What To Do?

PersonallyGET OUT OF DEBT. Interest rate cycles historically on average run in 28 year cycles. Last year we entered rising rates. Bond yields have an inverse reaction to rising rates – GET OUT OF BONDS NOW. The stock market is at historical all-time highs and the signs of weakness are now evident. The markets are enjoying the “Trump-Bump”. This will be relatively short lived. In my view, we may see the stock market maintain the 25,000 level on the DOW for perhaps a year or so as it can typically take a year or two for the public policy shift to impact the markets and economies, broadly speaking. Having said that, the markets could collapse at anytime – yes at any moment. There wont be an add in the newspaper telling us that on Monday we can expect a collapse. It will just happen.

Buy low-sell high. REDUCE YOUR STOCK POSITIONS SIGNIFICANTLY SOONER RATHER THAN LATER. And as for real estate? Most people do not pay for houses with cash, they finance. With rising rates for years to come and most Americans broke and living pay check to pay check, real estate will correct downward soon as this bubble bursts. So what to do? If you have any adjustable mortgages or credit accounts, RE-NEGOTIATE NOW. For those who own investment property or for those looking to acquire investment property for cash? Well based on certain criteria, the real estate collapse that is coming will serve you well as there will be a large pool of displaced former home owners like we saw in 2008 except worse this time. Commodities like precious metals do well in times like these. Look to private equity opportunities in this yield starve environment. Steer away from the paper proxy and look towards the tangibles, but buyer beware. More on all this sort of stuff in another post coming soon. Meanwhile you can avail yourself to more information by visiting The Economic Institute for Asset Preservation , Sovereign Advisors, and most all of the links provided in this article.

For the Nation – This is far too much of a complex issue to put in as a blurb in a post such as this. I will begin a series of posts covering this important issue. Meanwhile it is all laid out in my book, “Trump and the Resurrection of America” in chapter 19 titled “Trumping Global Governance” on pages 134-153. I suggest you get a copy and read it-vet your candidates by using the data in this chapter as a tool and raise the awareness for our present policy makers, many don’t have a clue, really. There are solutions but it is not business as usual, I can assure you of this and therefore at this stage of the game and with the Deep State coming after Trump and the rest of civilization, these radical, yet legal and constitutional solutions, may be all we have left at our disposal. End the Fed. Become energy independent. Bring the jobs home. Restore sound money. Absolve the debt and give back to the people what was stolen illegally and unconstitutionally over the last century. Yes, look it up in the book and connect the dots. Some say I am crazy, so be it. I have a pretty good track record over the past quarter century. Watch what’s coming down the pike soon.

Hollywood Sucks

Some times, yes just sometimes, we get a decent film out of the insanely liberal and corrupt Hollywood machine. I highly recommend the movie starring Brad Pitt and Steve Carrell titled “The Big Short“. This is somewhat of an accurate portrayal in my view of what led up to the collapse of 2008 and how it was handled. What happened then is going to happen again soon, but far worse. Heed the call.


Trump’s Economic Capitalism and the Coming Collapse, Blame it on Trump

Surveys indicate that people no longer trust the media for news, politicians for the truth, or that Wall Street has Main Street’s best interest in mind. Einsteins definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. As we connected the dots on the true state of the economy, the markets, and the currency itself, we can clearly see that all is not well, and the likelihood of a substantial correction of sorts is in order. So again, what to do?

The answer is to hope and pray for the best but plan for the worst. There is a category 5 economic hurricane approaching the United States, make no mistake about this. In my view at this stage and with all that is at play, this storm cannot be prevented. So we must personally do what we do when an actual cat. 5 hurricane is approaching and that is to prepare. When? Now! IT WASN’T RAINING WHEN NOAH BUILT THE ARK! All storms come and go and there are both dangers and opportunities that should be properly assessed and addressed. By whom? By you. Surround yourself with like-minded people who understand the times in which we live who have expertise in the areas you need help in. Then take sound proactive steps today. Your family will thank you.

The Deep State will not cease going after this great president. All coupe d’ etat attempts by the Deep State have failed to date. They have plenty more ammunition. Protect and preserve your assets because they are in harms way – “Big League” (not “bigly” – that is a common mis-phrase) and let us all continue to support President Trump because we have only just begun and the battles will rage on. This mid-term is critical Trump must be re-elected in 2020. Trump is an existential threat. We have this chance. This slight chance to redirect America and humanity on a very much needed course correction. Don’t waste a day. Don’t squander this God given opportunity.

With the recent upset of the century, the shadow government of this world has experienced its first real setback with the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. The globalists now tremble as Trump and this movement threatens their totalitarianism world government.  Although optimism has returned, the battle now begins as President Donald J. Trump leads America’s second revolution. With Trump, and the fact that we are on God’s side, there is hope. And with Trump’s leadership we just might survive this and MAGA. Pray. Prepare. Become active. Stay the course. This is for all the marbles.

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