The following was written by my good friend and fellow truth teller and voice for humanity Dr. Richard Davis, MD. This blog post is lengthy but is an absolute must read and should be shared on all your social media accounts and groups as well as any additional blog sites. Use this as a tool. We must promote, donate and vote.

This is the 16th Presidential election to occur in my lifetime, and is – in my estimation, the most important decision for us as a nation since our founding. Typically, the differences between the major party Presidential candidates is more of a rhetorical exercise of nuance rather than a real choice between competing ideologies. This is the result of our political system devolving into a farcical duopoly whereby a single party, controlled by the hidden hand of the global elites, is foisted on our unsuspecting populous in the guise of two opposing parties to give us the illusion of choice. When there is no real choice… It is not an election as much as it is a selection… They control both sides, so they can never lose. George Carlin said it best: “They gotcha by the balls!” Until now… Until Trump… So here we go Apathy Nuclear Option

Apathy Nuclear Option

Make no mistake – this election is different. Never before in our nation’s 240-year history has a major Presidential candidate been such a populist and political outsider as is Donald Trump. Never before has a candidate faced such fierce opposition not only from the opposing party, but also from the members of his own party – who openly conspired to not only steal the election from him, but also attempted to pervert the entire American electoral process itself. The political establishment has totally failed in both of these efforts.

Let this be a lesson to all of us. The elites are not as all-powerful as they pretend or they would like for us to believe. They failed in their attempt to prevent the Brexit and they failed to prevent Donald Trump from becoming the Republican nominee. This should make it abundantly clear, ‘We the People’ have the power. We always have. Now it’s time for us to exercise that power in a way to make real change a reality, for the first time in our lifetime. We can. We will. We must… Failure is simply not an option. Too much is at stake…

After a century of controlled main stream media propaganda, entrainment and subliminal social engineering to make us as divided as possible; after a century of divide and conquer strategies; after a century of Hegelian Dielectric conditioning of problem, reaction solution; those of us who still have a few operating synapses and can still reason, stand at the precipice of a great opportunity. And believe me, there are tens of millions of us, and more awakening by the minute every day.

Our choice is clear. We can either choose to join with our captors – or fight them. We can either roll over to their tyranny and the emerging police state they have erected for us; or we can take charge of our destiny and take back our most prized possessions that they have so skillfully stolen from us – our basic God-given, natural and unalienable rights. These would include: The Right to Privacy, Equal Protection under the Law, The Right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Freedom of thought, Freedom of speech, Freedom of association and movement, Freedom of communication, the Right of Self Defense, Freedom from warrantless searches and seizures, Freedom from censorship and propaganda, Freedom from governmental oppression and persecution, The Right of Dissent, the Right to a speedy and fair Trial by Jury, the Right to Present Evidence and Habeas Corpus, and many others that have been slowly and progressively chipped away, bit by bit until they have become little more than relics of our history.

I believe that what is at stake in this election is far more than the occupant of the White House. I believe that our very survival as a sovereign nation is on the line. We stand at a crossroads. We face a clear and present danger. Our halls of power have been overrun in a silent coups and have been taken over by a malevolent hoard of psychopaths – Hell bent on our destruction.

So let me be clear. As I read the internet banter it is apparent that the hidden forces that stoke the flames of planetary chaos and division us are working overtime and in hyper drive. In fact, they are in uncharted territory, they are in panic mode. Their AI systems are overheating and melting down. This makes them vulnerable, but even more dangerous.

Every conceivable tactic is being used to assault our common sense and promote, civil breakdown, racial hatred, and societal collapse. Every dirty trick, every mind control method, every subconscious entrainment programming technique is being brought to bear against us. This is obvious to anyone with a pulse who cares to look up from their Smartphone. We are being massively manipulated once again. Every set of headlines just launches one more barrage of character assassinations after another. Each more sensational than the last. At a time when clear thinking and reason are essential, our hidden masters are hoping to distract us with emotional tirades that pander to the most basal aspects of our tribalistic nature. Now more than ever, our choices should be driven by facts, open debate and thorough discussions about our national priorities and the policies that surround them; which will go a long way toward directing our foreseeable collective futures.

To help make this minefield more manageable, I have attempted to analyze our choice in a rational manner. The good news is that never before have the two major party candidates been more different in their views in virtually every category. Depending on your proclivity – the choice between Trump and Clinton is clear.

A Clear Choice

Category Donald Trump (R) Hillary Clinton (D)
Background Political Outsider Establishment Insider
Career Businessman Politician
Political Sentiment Nationalist Globalist
Number of Career Private Sector Jobs Created > 100,000 <100
Military Experience Military Academy Education None
Economic Policy Free Market Capitalism Government Controlled Centrally Planned Economy
Immigration Policy Need to halt immigration for anyone that cannot be vetted, with special emphasis on those coming in from Muslim areas until we can establish a reliable system to assure the safety of Americans Increase unvetted immigration of Syrian Refugees by 550% despite the fact that they cannot be vetted and could be radical jihadists – sworn enemies of the United States
Islamic Terrorism Policy Believes it is our biggest threat. Would work with Russia and others to annihilate ISIS quickly Will not even say the words or address the issue.   Provided funding and support for numerous radical Islamic groups as Sec. of State including ISIS
Build a wall Supports Opposes
Banking Reform Audit the Federal Reserve Loosen banking regulation even more
Return of Glass-Steagall Act Supports Opposes
Women’s issues Has historically provided equal pay and advancement opportunities in his 500+ corporations for over 30 years Claims to be a women’s advocate, but pays them only 83% of men in equal jobs in the Clinton Foundation. Accepts hundreds of $millions from countries that condone Sharia Law that is the most anti-woman belief system on the planet. Supported Bill Clinton and his serial rapes, abuses and attacks on women
Race Policy Hired all races in his businesses and sued the city to allow inclusion of people of every race into his private club in Palm Beach Has paid lip service for years pandering to the black and Hispanic communities, yet has little to actually show for her efforts
IRS Audits Audited every year for 15 years, no issues Clinton Foundation now under criminal investigation for $billions unreported or diverted
Russia Sees them as a valuable potential ally and trading partner and wants peace with them Intends to increase military pressure believing Russia to be a threat and wants to build up offensive forces against them
Foreign Policy Believes that we should cease all nation-building escapades Supported the wars and violent overthrow of Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, Iraq, Serbia, Ukraine, Sudan, result: millions of innocent people have been killed
Iraq War Opposed Supported it and voted for it
Government Power Wants to minimize federal government power with most authority shifted back to the states Believes in federal government supremacy in all aspects of law
Constitution Supreme law of the land as written, strict construction A living document that needs to be continuously reinterpreted by the Federal Courts and Supreme Court
Government Transparency Favors Opposes
Police Admires them and supports them, wants to keep them under local control Thinks they are the problem wants increased federalization of local police
Common Core Abolish it Expand it
Obamacare Replace it with something less costly and more effective Expand it
Marijuana 100% for Medical Marijuana, but flip flops on legalization, currently leaning toward it Will support rescheduling Marijuana, taking a wait and see attitude toward legalization
Political Style Openly discuss our problems Deny, Deny, Deny, then Spin that the problems do not really exist or are of minimal importance
Vouchers for School Choice Supports Opposes
Individual Rights Believes that Individual Rights are superior to Government Believes Government Rights are superior
Wall Street Refused campaign contributions and stated they are corrupt Huge supporter and takes tens of millions of dollars in campaign contributions
Military Supports increasing force readiness, preparedness, and technology Will continue Obama’s force reduction programs and purges increasing use of private contractors and mercenaries and reliance on UN troops
Women in combat Opposed Supports
Income sources Runs a real business that produces things, builds things, and creates value. The Trump brand includes some of the finest buildings, hotels, golf courses and resorts in the world Runs a business that uses a complicated and elaborate web of multinational legal entities to funnel money into what is on the surface stated to be a charity but in actuality performs multibillion dollar money laundering and influence peddling operations on a global scale
Net worth $10B stated openly and proudly Forensic accountants have estimated that as much as $100 Billion dollars has been funneled through the Clinton Foundation since 1997 in hidden accounts via a complex web of numerous interlocking corporations, foundations, trusts and other entities
Criminal Investigations None Numerous
Influence Uses influence to build his businesses Uses influence to stay out of prison
Campaign Contributions Self-Funded Primaries, now accepting donor funding Taken upwards of $2Billion in legal and illegal contributions
Best Sellers Written about his business accomplishments Written about her incompetence and corruption
Marriage 3 marriages, had a scandalous affair with Marla Maples, precipitated first divorce 1 although not lived together for decades, an obvious political arrangement – husband charged with multiple attacks against women
Sexual Preference Classic Heterosexual likes women Closet Bisexual, prefers women
LGBTQ Supports equality, same sex marriage and believes that government has no role to regulate what happens in the bedroom Flip flops opinion based on most recent polling data
First Amendment Strong Supporter Wants increasing censorship of her opponents and supports SOPA / PIPA laws and other legislation to restrict Internet free speech
Second Amendment Strong supporter, member of NRA. Believes people have the monopoly on power Wants gun control, believes that government has the right of exclusive monopoly on power
Internet Wants free, open and unrestricted access and content Wants to increase censorship and governmental controls as well as taxing access and usage
Energy Policy Free market approach with elimination of government controls Shutter coal mines and coal power plants to kill jobs and increase energy costs
Prioritize green energy Strongly Opposes Strongly Supports
Privatize Social Security Strongly Supports Strongly Opposes
Election worked hard to run a clean and transparent campaign to defeat his opponents in the primary elections and had to overcome every trick in the book that was used to steal votes and delegates including cancelling of elections and RNC appointment of unelected delegates now facing charges of election fraud in multiple states and had hundreds of delegates replaced at the DNC with paid “seat fillers” in an effective strategy to not only steal the election from Bernie Sanders but also to quell the legitimate angry response by his supporters to that theft
Emails Private, no issues Criminal FBI investigation identified numerous laws were broken but will not prosecute due to Clinton intimidation. She was clearly given a pass and has escaped justice as she operates above the law
Allegations Connected to a series of bankruptcies Connected to a series of murders
Judgement Mishandled the payment to subcontractors to increase his profits Proven to have recklessly mishandled our nation’s most valuable secrets selling them to the highest bidder and remains an unindicated criminal whose connections at the very highest levels of government have protected her throughout a career of criminality
UN Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 Opposes Supports
TPP, NAFTA, GATT Opposes Supports
Bilderbergers Opposes Participant
Carbon Taxes ($100 trillion per decade to go to the 1%) Opposes Supports
United Nations Opposes Supports
Global Governance Opposes Supports
Counsel for Foreign Relations Opposes Husband and Daughter are Members
World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, and the IMF Opposes Supports
Wall Street Banks too big to fail Opposes Supports
The electoral process Plays by the rules Cheats and Manipulates



I could go on and on, but the real question is who do you choose to believe, and what do you stand for? Do you have the courage of your convictions or do you simply justify your position, however you like, to feel like you are on the right side? The bottom line is; do you want someone who will put America first, or put themselves first?

There is an even deeper and more fundamental issue at stake in this election. Do you want a tough-minded businessman in charge or a career politician with virtually no real accomplishments except a series of foreign policy failures to be your President?   Do you want Trump who has vowed to keep us out of war at all costs? Or do you want Clinton who is an unabashed proven warmonger just itching to get her finger on the nuclear button?

As a highly decorated veteran with a distinguished career as a US naval officer, back up flight surgeon to the Blue Angels, and SEAL team physician with top secret clearance who knows what the horrors of war really are: I can tell you that I will support Mr. Trump for reasons based on my deeply held principles of duty, honor, love of county, and respect for our Constitution, that I have sworn to protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic. It is clear to any objective person that these things are meaningless to Hillary as she dances the “I’ll say anything to get elected” dance.

As a result of this analysis, I will state for the record that Hillary Clinton is my sworn political enemy and is an enemy of this nation. She has committed innumerable treasons against us and should be headed for Federal Prison in Leavenworth, not campaigning for the White House. She is a national disgrace. She has continually extolled the virtues of Alinsky, Cloward, Piven and other rabid anti-American radicals. She is a progressive socialist who has aligned herself with the dark side power brokers her entire life, and works alongside George Soros to undermine the principles and foundations of our country and destroy everything that has made America great.

People vote with their feet. Stop listening to her words. Hillary is a compulsive, habitual liar. Like her husband, she uses lawyers’ manipulation of language to twist and manipulate the truth. She is deceitful and conniving. She cannot be trusted to do what is right for us, but she can be counted on to always do what is right for her. She has proven this over and over. Even her campaign slogan says “I am with her…” Compare this to Trump’s “Make America Great Again.” What does that tell you?

In Closing

In closing, I just want to say that I love what the vision for America has traditionally stood for, not what she has progressively become over the past 100 years of Globalist domination. I am deeply saddened that much of this election decision for so many people has boiled down to the fact that they are perfectly willing to overlook all of these ugly and undeniable truths about Hillary solely because:

  • they want a woman to be President (I get that and look forward to Ivanka’s Presidency), or
  • they want to continue the gravy train of freebies, government handouts and cronyism, or
  • they really believe that (even though it has never worked anywhere and killed hundreds of millions of people in order to enforce its draconian policies) socialism / communism is the answer. Good luck with that. How about moving to Venezuela or North Korea first before coming to that conclusion.

So… Crunch time… Who’s it going to be?

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