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Author: John Michael Chambers
Published: 2019

Nominated for the 24th Annual Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Awards.

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Leading America’s Second Revolution.

With the recent upset of the century, the shadow government of this world has experienced its first real setback with the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. The globalists now tremble as Trump and this movement threatens their totalitarianism world government.  Although optimism has returned, the battle now begins as President Donald J. Trump leads America’s second revolution.
This book picks up where the authors previous book “What One Man Can Do” leaves off and addresses some very disruptive uncomfortable truths yet inspires and empowers the reader like no other body of work on this topic. We must acquire a substantially new way of thinking if we are to win this battle as failure is not an option.

“We must not surrender to the false song of globalism. So, I am asking everyone to join this incredible movement. I am asking you to dream big, and bold and daring things for your family and for your country. I am asking you to believe in yourself again and I am asking you to believe in America. And if we do that then all together we will make America strong again, we will make America wealthy again, we will make America safe again and we will make America great again. God Bless you!” – Donald J. Trump

When your children and grandchildren ask you, “What were you doing when the global governance was being introduced to America and the world?” What will your answer be? Freedom…it’s up to U.S.

Section I: Before We Begin

About the Author

An Open Letter from Me to You


Section II: The World in Which We Live

Chapter One: The Election That Was Never Meant to Be

Chapter Two: Free and Fair Elections

Chapter Three: Shadow Government

Chapter Four: Money and the Federal Reserve

Chapter Five: Lessons from the Dustbin of History

Chapter Six: Global Governance and the New World Order

Chapter Seven: Agenda 2030

Chapter Eight: The Enemies of Donald Trump

Section III: Making Sense of the Madness

Chapter Nine: The Media

Chapter Ten: Hegelian Dialectic

Chapter Eleven: False Flags

Chapter Twelve: Detecting Truth from Lies

Section IV: Resurrecting America

Chapter Thirteen: Civilization Is at a Crossroads

Chapter Fourteen: Battle Begins – Big Pharma

Chapter Fifteen: Battle Begins – The Economy

Chapter Sixteen: Battle Begins – Immigration

Chapter Seventeen: Battle Begins – Political Correctness

Chapter Eighteen: The Trump Phenomenon

Chapter Nineteen: Trumping Global Governance

Chapter Twenty: The Donald Is in Danger

Section V: A Better World for Posterity

Chapter Twenty-One: Margaritas at the Pool

Chapter Twenty-Two: Discovery and the Evolution of Change

Chapter Twenty-Three: By the Grace of God


Book Reviews

"John Michael Chambers’ book "Trump and the Resurrection of America" is an indispensable aid for understanding the significance of Donald Trump's presidency. Mr. Chambers not only deals with the significance of Donald Trump as a person, he deals with the historic significance of the voters who elected him, as well as the elemental concerns that drove them to do so.

Mr. Chambers understands that the United States is in the midst of a critical battle for the survival of the American identity. He understands that the challenge to that identity is part of a crisis of Western civilization, a crisis that reflects the efforts of a global elitist faction to overturn the constitutional self-government of the American people.

The voters who invested their trust in Donald Trump have made him the focus of the battle to thwart this faction’s aim. Mr. Chambers deals with several key aspects of this battle, and is especially informative when he discusses those that involve the economic and political challenges the United States must overcome if the constitution and liberty of their people is to survive. He even deals with the implications of the stranglehold that the ruthless profiteers who dominate the pharmaceutical sector now have on both the bureaucratic and legislative aspects of America's institutions of law and self-government.

Like Donald Trump, Mr. Chambers is clearly aware of the primordial importance of preserving the moral basis of of the Constitution and positive identity of the American people. We should pray that he soon deals in an equally comprehensive way with this existentially most important dimension of the vital challenge President Trump’s Presidency must face and overcome.

For every person who is sincerely interested in understanding the critical nature of America's current crisis, "Trump and the Resurrection of America" is required reading. This is especially true, however, of voters who know that the future of their country is staked upon the fulfillment of his Presidency’s positive promise for America."

Dr. Alan Keyes

“I received a PDF copy from the author, with whom I share many concerns about and hopes for the Trump Presidency, and am truly delighted with all that he has done. As a former spy who also co-created the Marine Corps Intelligence Intelligence Activity and went on to found the Open Source Intelligence discipline, I deal every day with complex nuanced topics that I find very difficult to explain to normal people.

This author has done a BRILLIANT job, a PATRIOTIC job, a LIFE-ENHANCING and GOD- BLESSED job, of laying out both the threats to the Trump Presidency and to America, and the threats and possibilities for resurrecting America and saving it from the Deep State I know so well.

The chapter on Agenda 2030, the UN’s nominally well-intentioned but actually deeply threatening hegemoic goals, is alone worth the price of the book and I have asked the author’s permission to extract and publish that chapter.

Nothing is what it seems if you are a normally educated person who relies on the mainstream media (Crap News Network, New York Compost, Washington Poop) for their information. This book is education and valuable — politically, culturally, economically, ethically — in every possible sense of the word. BRAVO!

Robert David Steele

~Robert David Steele, Former CIA, Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2017

“I couldn’t agree more with the book’s premise: Our very survival as a sovereign nation is at stake. The outcome of the next four years under Donald Trump will determine if this is a new beginning, or America’s Last Stand. Do not underestimate this man’s capabilities: President Trump will smoke out the career politicians entrenched in D.C., and aggressively take on the unelected, self-appointed, globalists who crafted Agenda 2030 and the Sustainability Goals. He will confront, and demand, change from Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Agra, Big Banks and the Far Left Environmentalists. If you’re short on time, read Chapter seven, a brilliant analysis of Agenda 2030, and Chapter 19, with detailed tables comparing Trump’s ideas for freedom vs. the enslavement goals of the New World Order.  We can make America Great Again, faster than ever, but we must be active participants.  This book shows us how.”

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, physician, author, speaker. Middleburg Heights, OH.

I had the opportunity and privilege to meet Mr. Chambers and spend some face-to-face time discussing the current socio-political climate. He is highly intelligent and has a great deal of insight to share. I began reading his book as soon as I received it, it’s so compelling. It’s definitely worth reading. We need to increase our awareness of the deliberate destruction of our nation and society right before our very eyes.”

~John Van Sickle, Counter Intel Officer

Anyone who has read his book ‘Trump and the Resurrection of America’ or attended his presentations has a better understanding of what we are facing as a nation. (Get the book and read it if you haven’t already!)”

~Bill Rees

“John Michael Chambers has written an outstanding book that will stand as the benchmark of scholarly, historical works on our Constitutional Republic. It covers past, present and future America and is relayed through an extremely good grasp of our history. It shows how perilously close to collapse our nation came, fiscally, morally and politically and how that happened. It also portrays how we are not out of the woods yet and gives us good, wise solutions to future problems that will occur. Americans have awoken but not fully to the perils of the World Shadow Government and their evil plans for us and redistribution of American assets. We need to stand vigilant. America will remain that beacon of light to the rest of the world. This book is a must read for every America loving patriot, regardless of party affiliation.”

~Fred Brownbill, Patriot and Deputy Sheriff, Florida

“Wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed John Michael Chambers. I purchased his book “Trump and the Resurrection of America” and I could not put the book down! Everyone should read it and plus it should be required reading for all teachers!”


John, I knew you would be busy when you left for your trip in 2011. Thank you for writing this book.  You made this insane world make sense by showing history and connecting the dots.  We can see what the lack of history has done to divide America. This should be required reading in all schools.

~Karen Schoen, Florida  American Freedom Watch Radio, Radio Host on

“I thought the book was excellent!!  It was filled chock full of nuggets of truth and resources to go with them.  I had heard about those clandestine agencies around 10 yr ago from Faye Hardin’s (an evangelist) newsletters.  It scared me so badly I quit the newsletters.  Now I am older and hopefully wiser, so I can at least look at the problem with new eyes.

I learned many new things in the book:  Agenda 2030 (I knew about agenda 21, but this is even scarier).  George Washington’s “vision” and angelic visit were fascinating.

You explained that The Establishment is really the Shadow Government, and now I understand why even Republicans are anti-Trump.  I voted for Trump, but mostly because I detest Hilliary, the most corrupt of the corrupt!  The Hegelian Dialect was new to me, and now I understand why certain government officials create a problem, wait for the reaction (outrage), then come forth with the solution they wanted when they created the “problem.”  The concept of False Flags was also new and related to the Hegelian Dialect.  Looking back, I can see how the US government has used this tactic of blaming others to justify their own actions.  Hitler used it too, as I learned in Mein Kampf!

I learned a little about The Fed, which I have never really understood, and now I want to delve further into that topic. I will keep your book among my treasured ones and look forward to the next one!”

~L. Jones