The Perils of Cash

  People have been asking me as of late about holding cash, at least those that are reading the writing on the wall. Besides the fact that there is a war on cash and a cashless society coming soon,  there are other reasons as to the perils of cash. With the talk of a global…

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Trump, Money and the Fed

So who are these guys in this picture? Legendary author of “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, researcher and film producer G. Edward Griffin, my good friend and founder of PollMole Dr.Richard Davis, (R.I.P.), Mad Max Mullen and oh yeah, a much younger me, John Michael Chambers. This post, Trump, Money and the Fed lays out…

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Signs The Global Financial Reset Has Begun

The reset has already begun and once implemented will have a profound impact on each and every one of us, here and across the globe. I have written about the Global Financial Reset before and have provided links to these and related articles at the bottom of this post. We will see in this post,…

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Setting the Stage for the Next Global Reserve Currency

Setting the Stage for the Next Global Reserve Currency Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers Don’t pass up reading this short article. It is the biggest story there is. Some of us have heard this phrase “global financial reset” for many years now while others, for the first time, are beginning to…

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Trump Economic Policy Speech

Trump economic policy speech took place on Jun 28, 2016 in Monessen Pennsylvania at Alumisource. In this speech he covered the importance of restoring manufacturing and jobs back to the United States as well as creating fair trade practices in the global marketplace. If you listen to this speech you can see a stark difference…

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American Nightmare Becomes The China Dream

Every picture tells a story. I travel a lot and have spent most of my time in Asia over the past five years. I have driven past this billboard on a major highway in Bangkok. I have also seen similar postings in other locations and at airports in Asia. We used to strive towards creating…

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Trump Forecast A Very Massive Recession

Trump Forecast A Very Massive Recession As a matter of public record, Donald Trump has good instincts and is quite intuitive. Trump forecasted the tragic events of September 11, 2001 as described in his book titled “The America We Deserve”. He also warned about terror in Brussels. I delved into these in more detail in…

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Economic Tsunami Mother Meltdowns

Economic Tsunami Mother Of All Meltdowns Yes the economic tsunami and the mother of all meltdowns is coming soon and I know exactly when this will happen. When you may ask? It will happen when the string pulling orchestrators and merchants of chaos are good and ready. In my opinion this could be later in…

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