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Martial Law

Martial Law Preparedness And Forecast

Some people believe that the President must get approval from congress to invoke martial law. This is not true and is covered in addition to other critically important information in the links provided below. Martial law preparedness and forecast is most important as the likelihood of martial law is increasing and may be somewhat imminent.…

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Warning Season Of Chaos Martial Law 2016

Ignore this post at your own peril. In case you may have missed all the previous blog posts throughout the course of 2016 on the subject of the escalating crisis thus warning season of chaos martial law 2016, I am blogging on this again today. I  thoroughly covered this in the links provided below. Below…

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Martial Law Think Twice

Martial Law Think Twice Since there has been so much talk of Martial Law, with the militarized police, UN Troops on American soil, executive orders and BHO pushing for gun control and gun confiscation, I posted a total of 12 blog posts thus far in 2016 relating to Martial Law (see links below) and have…

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Martial Law Conclusion And Democracy Spring

This post will cover martial law conclusion and Democracy Spring. This is the 12th post relating to martial law and all links have been provided within. The following was taken from the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor. I encourage you to subscribe to this informative monthly advisory report. There is an important link to check out at…

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Expanding The Martial Law Verbiage

The following was taken from the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor titled Expanding The Martial Law Verbiage. I encourage you to subscribe to this informative monthly advisory report. After 9/11 the word “terrorist” was the buzzword to get everyone worried and fearful enough to bow down to rapidly expanding federal government controls. For years, all you had…

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Martial Law And The Illusion Of The Lockdown

I am doing a series of informative posts on the subject of Martial Law. Measures to prevent a Trump Presidency are underway. Martial Law And The Illusion Of The Lockdown is one post in this series. This post will provide additional data on the lockdown language and what it really means.The following information has been…

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Election Suspension False Flags Trigger Lockdowns

All and any measures to prevent a Trump Presidency are underway. Election Suspension False FlagsTrigger Lockdowns. This is the likely sequence towards either regional or national Martial Law should they exercise this extreme option. It’s been done before. The following information has been taken from the June 2016  McAlvany Intelligence Advisor of which I encourage…

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What Would Happen Under Martial Law

Hope and pray for the best but prepare for the worst. So what would happen under martial law? Let’s take a closer look at martial law since most Americans do not understand what this really means. We sure hope this does not come to be but the education can never hurt. For those interested I…

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More Talk Of Martial Law

There seems to be more talk of martial law by many people. People like Ben Carson for example and even Alan Greenspan. I too have blogged on this before and have provided those links in this post and I encourage you to read them and share them. Although the declaration of martial law in the…

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Martial Law USA 2016 What Is Martial Law

Don’t shoot me I am only the messenger. Martial Law is issued by the President if he has determined that society must be managed by the government to maintain peace and stability as a means of crisis management. Most or all of our constitutional rights would be suspended under martial law. It is the President…

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