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Electoral College Popular Vote

One of the trending topics of the day surrounding this historical and controversial election is the subject of the electoral college popular vote. And of course there is talk about the ability to still try and deny the Presidency to Donald Trump by means of playing with this system. Well good luck with that. Donald Trump’s…

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Helping Trump Electronic Affidavit

Without question this is the most important election of our time. This election will determine whether or not America will remain a sovereign nation governed by the rule of law, a government of the people, by the people and for the people, our once revered Constitutional Republic or will the long sought after goal of…

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Trump Contesting Election Of 2016

How is election fraud detected? The answer is that extremely accurate exit polling is the only way to detect election fraud in the 21st century. You see public voting today is dominated by highly sophisticated purpose-built machines designed to manipulate the numbers by counting the votes in secret. They leave no evidence. They are the…

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Election Rigging Stealing Election From Who?

Stealing the election from who, Trump or Clinton? We know one thing for sure and that is that the votes and voice are being stolen from the people regardless of which side of the political fence you are on! Besides the illegality of such acts, is the fact that this is un-American and takes away…

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Pollmole Last Line Defense Election Integrity

Voter fraud and election theft has been going on for a very long time and perhaps even more so today. Who is guilty? Well both parties are guilty. We see reports where dead people are voting. Recently absentee ballots were seen being shredded into a wastebasket. There is gerrymandering taking place as yet another method.…

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