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Pathetic Polling and Media Mayhem

In debate number two Trump pulvervizes Clinton and CNN’s after debate poll states Clinton wins with 57%, oh really? In the first debate we saw an uneasy Donald Trump. A seemingly unprepared (and sabotaged) Donald Trump (ill-advised in my opinion), lost the first debate and missed so many opportunities to tear Clinton to shreds. Yet…

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PollMole Technology Ensures Free Fair Elections

PollMole Release 1.0 is new technology. PollMole ensures free and fair elections. I have written about voter fraud and election theft in numerous previous posts. This post titled Rigged System Election Theft addresses this long term serious problem as well as this post titled Secret Vote Count and the Rigged Elections.  And like the late…

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PollMole Challenges Rigged System

Trump? Clinton? Let your vote count! What is PollMole? PollMole is a highly disruptive, transformative, social networking connectivity technology that allows people to annonymously share their opinions in real time. This is a breakthrough social networking app and mobile connectivity tool. Once you come to understand PollMole, you will come to realize that PollMole will…

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PollMole Electoral Process Integrity

“The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin. Elections are rigged.  Don‘t believe me? Read this! It’s a rigged system. Voter fraud and election theft has been going on for a long time. One thing we know with certainty is the ruling elite establishment does not want a Trump…

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