Election Suspension Martial Law USA 2016

I believe there is a high probability of an election suspension via martial law in the US in 2016. I sure hope I am wrong. Those that know me well will tell you that I have been talking about this for over two years and blogged about this as well in recent posts such as this. Explore the many categories and blogs on my website and you too will begin to connect the dots. It’s really common sense if you just clear away the noise, lies and baggage that has taken over your thought process (in an unbeknownst hypnotic way), by the media and its infectious spread.

Americans are being pushed to the limit and are in fact being played as a pawn in a very evil and deceptive game and is being set up for civil unrest leading to martial law. Boston, following the false flag marathon op, was a good situational geographical martial law test run. The police state is already here. Obama’s pledged civilian army is here (TSA, DHS etc.). Foreign troops are on American soil including the UN. Martial law is next. Connecting the dots. Begin to understand this.

Connecting The Dots

I am not trying to scare you or use fear as a premise to anything I am trying to inform you of a reality. Would you rather be uninformed? Do your own homework then form conclusions. Assuming you have a good grasp on the ruling elites control and the New World Order’s agenda, the rest begins to fall into place rather quickly. It does not require psychic abilities to know what is coming. You just need to A) Think for yourself and become un-brainwashed.  B) Look. Simply look at the evidence that is staring you in the face in broad daylight and confront that it is. Remove any political or party views and simply see what is before you. Finding out where you are in “The Process” is the best place to start. So let’s connect but a very small handful of dots here to help you or perhaps others you know to see the writing on the wall.

The chaos you see before you is happening by design. The United States needs to comply completely in order for the UN’s Agenda 2030 to be successfully implemented. See cycle of democracy . President’s Clinton, Bush and especially now after eight years of President Obama, have made enormous strides toward this New World Order also known in part as globalization and the shift of power and control. You see the Bill of Rights and Constitution have pretty much been decimated now and Americans are holding on to just the dwindling shreds of a very few rights, namely guns and voice.

Here are some links to hep you to connect the dots on your own. I strongly encourage you to explore the blog posts right here on my site and then to share this link on your social media sites and with all those you know. Martial Law for me, is a foregone conclusion. Which false flag event(s) that triggers this matters not. It’s coming. If and when a martial law is invoked prior to the election, President Obama remains in control as commander in chief and this will enable the final take down and complete decimation of the once greatest nation. Conspiracy theory? In your dreams. Many of the conspiracy theories of yesterday have turned out to be the conspiracy facts and realities of today. And now for some links to hep you to connect the dots.

Sneaky bill before congress, watch this. Obama signs executive order. This link will shed some light on the potentially imminent threat of more false flags and martial law implementation. Obama to use martial law to halt elections? Senate secretly pushes martial law bill through. BHO signs executive order to seize complete control over America.

So What To Do About It?

Martial law? I hope I am wrong. The wrong thing to do is nothing. Find out exactly where you are in “The Process” and get busy living or get busy dying. There are also many good preparedness sites you can look into. Many groups and organizations to lend your support to. Many questions are answered here. Surround yourself with like minded proactive people who do truly understand the times in which we live and expand those circles.  And for those of us of faith, pray for our unity, safety and restoration of peace and prosperity. Forget politics and parties. We will rebuild or we will perish. The choice is yours. This election cycle should it come to be, is a vote for our posterity. Our strength is in our unity. Choose wisely America.

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  1. ELZA BUGHETTY on March 23, 2016 at 9:02 pm

    I have been saying this since Obamas getting into Office. I am sure afterhis comments in Kenya that he would stop the election by Martial Law so he could remain in office. You have just comfirmed my worse fears

    • John Michael Chambers - Author on March 23, 2016 at 9:09 pm

      Thanks for your comments. I sure hope this does not come to be but my instincts and the indicators tell me otherwise.

  2. Elisa Bighetty on March 23, 2016 at 10:16 pm

    mine too that is why I am getting my secured certificate of indian status from Canada and move way back up north to the litteral BARREN LANDS if CANADA from which my tribe is named for. I am a member of BARREN LANDS BAND FIRST NATION and I have an old trapline shack up there. stocking it with a couple years worth of food such as dried beans, canned goods, flour, baking powder, yeast etc, I do not intend to live in an islamic state however as a woman I can easily pass if I cover my head like they do and thanks to my ex speak my arabic

    • John Michael Chambers - Author on March 24, 2016 at 5:59 am

      Many people have taken similar steps as you have mentioned over the past several years and I would imagine more and more will. But most will remain. I hope for the very best outcome for you, for all, for America and for our world. Thanks for your comments.

  3. James Mell on April 22, 2016 at 5:21 am

    John, I think it is a good chance for them to try Martial law but where will the people come from to pull it off, these liberal government workers can’t handle this kind of pressure,all the bullets purchased can;t help them, most military from Europe isn’t very good, our military will revolt at least 50%. welcome your comments

    • John Michael Chambers - Author on April 22, 2016 at 8:27 am

      Thanks for the comment Jim, hope all is well. One can only speculate but many federal employees are now armed like SS & IRS. Then you have the DHS and the TSA. You have the US military of which in my opinion many will follow the orders from their CIC. Then there are foreign military on US soil. You have the UN and so on. Seems of you go through the few blog posts I have on this site regarding martial law and view the numerous links within each post it clearly seems that this is what they are preparing for after the next FF or the baited created civil unrest. Sure hope I am wrong. In either case, you raise a good point but due to teh high tech. sophistication of weaponry and so on, I think they got the bases well covered for a full blown ML.

  4. Bonnie Hillman on September 24, 2016 at 11:49 pm

    80 million Americans will die in the first wave .
    Capt. CLAY HIGGINS of St. Landry Parish , LA , said : “I had rather die on my feet than live on my knees.”
    Yes, Americans can not live on their knees ……

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