False Flag Season Diverts News Cycle

As I have written and spoken about for some time now, we are in false flag season, big time. What are false flags? Watch this clip. Read this post. Why? because President Trump will be re-elected in an historical landslide. Why you may ask? Because the truth is being revealed through the orchestrated de-class, timing and optics. The deep state and its operatives are now being exposed.

False flag season began first few days into January 2020 with the attempt to bring President Trump into a quagmire in the Middle East with terrorist Soleimani. So then as the impeachment coupe was failing, they unleashed Covid-19, the conspiracy crime of the CDC and other deep state operatives and allegiances. Now that this too is being esposed and has indeed failed, they are resorting to the easy standby FF’s of the past such as what we see unfolding in Minnesota and throughout the country today.

False Flag Season Diverts News Cycle

No, I am not going to invest the time to highlight the scores of evidence that the riots are in fact a false flag. Do your own homework. It will end up on FOX NEWS in about 60-90 days or sooner, well at least to some extent. I will discuss some of this and leave the rest up to you since we are now the news. I prefer to focus on the actual news. More on that in a moment.

The riots. Coincidence? Think not. This is the unleashing of the false flag Du Jour, to divert the news cycle from the de-class, their crimes. After all it is this week that the phone transcript in the Flynn case reveals all and further exonerates Flynn and implicates the DOJ, FBI, CIA, the media and others. Same turn of events that we saw at the inception of the House impeachment- when Trump released the transcripts of his call, and of course to also throw chaos into Trump’s reopening of the economy. Then the media is stoking the flames and feeding the deep state narrative of racism.

Destroying america False Flag Season Diverts News Cycle

Problem- reaction-solution. So, once again and all too familiar, the Clinton camp along with Soros and perhaps others, have reactivated their agents of provocateurs, ANTIFA and the like.  Follow the President’s tweets on this and you will get a better grasp of all this. When all else fails, resort to the playbook while cooking up the next major FF event comparable to 911 and comparable to the Covid-19 act of domestic terrorism.

Naturally social media giants like FB and Twitter are pulling much patriot video evidence, but do the homework and you will find that the “Police Officer” who was seen in the video footage with his knees on Mr Floyd’s neck, also happens to work at the same restaurant as Floyd worked in (as security for 17 years), according to City Council member in Minnesota. Oh and the coroner, stated that the cause of death was not strangulation. Then there is the black dressed black umbrella man quietly smashing windows. Do you really believe for one second that in the midst of an unemployed America stricken with fear from Fauci, Birx and the boogeymen, will all of a sudden in unison, spring up about an abuse by a racist cop? Like Ferguson, like sandy hook, like school shootings, like Orlando Gay club like 911, Covid-19, Oklahoma City bombing and so many other tragedies, know them well as they are false flags. Still think I am crazy? Well you need to get some more skin in the game and do the research. Oh and yes, of course there are on occasion bad cops doing horrific things to people both black and white. As a stand alone issue, this rare act, is clearly something that needs to be swiftly dealt with. Okay. And now the real news.

Deep State Panics

And now the news. The deep state is being exposed. Justice is coming. And with this, the deep state panics. Expect dangerous days between now and election day. This is false flag season. So there are your headlines.

The de-class is underway and hitting the news cycle daily. This is the news. Actually earth shattering news. The deep state and its operatives are all being exposed. The stage is being set. We are now at steps 6-10 in the scale of discovery and action. The X22 Report, a favorite of mine, took the time to find but a few pertinent statements from the archives of Q. Here they are.

* “Corruption and evil deep within – it’s everywhere”

* “Puppet masters have been removed”

* “Patience. There is no escaping and there are no deals”

* “The 7th floor (FBI office), is no more”

* “Treason is at the highest levels” (take note)

* “Foreign agents within our government”

* “The hunters have become the hunted”

* “All vehicles of delivery removed”

* “Strings have been cut”

* “There are no deals,  prison-death”

* “We see all – we hear all – the hunt continues”


False flags abound. Deep state fighting for its life. Stay the course, trust the plan and instead of taking pot shots at the truth, perhaps considering changing the channel and getting some skin in the game. Join us all, this increasing portion of the global population, and be on the right side of history.  We are fighting for our very lives. I hope you can see this. We are winning. Nothing can stop what’s coming, nothing. The best is yet to come.

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  1. Nancy Thrasher on May 31, 2020 at 8:56 pm

    Thx JMC We need restitution soon. These terrorist thugs and those employing them need to come to justice

    • John Michael Chambers on May 31, 2020 at 10:23 pm

      You said it! And the world is waiting and that time is coming soon…

  2. FreeSociety on May 31, 2020 at 11:32 pm

    I am not as optimistic. The Deep State (and after 4 years, no one has still actually gone to Jail) and George Soros and the Globalists have shown to possess a never-ending, wide range of staged panics, crisis, attacks, corruption, and dirty-tricks to anger the Country, and misdirect that anger against Trump and relentlessly smear him. When one crisis burns out, they always have another new one to set off (and then blame Trump for).

    The Media has already successfully protected Joe Biden from his Ukraine corruption, China corruption, Sexual Assault, flip-flopping on the travel Ban, and general incompetence — even declaring in one interview that: “I (Joe Biden) will defeat Joe Biden”. Things that would destroy any other candidate have no effect on Joe Biden. Joe Biden is the perfect “puppet candidate” of the Globalists. He will do anything they want, say anything they want, and he is dumb as a Rock, but has his big “teeth filled” smile to charm the masses … and everyone says what a nice guy he is (even though he is a child molester, a rapist, an extortionist, and has perpetrated treason against our Country). The point is, Trump won in 2016 because a lot of people hated Hillary Clinton. But there is no similar intense hatred of Joe Biden.

    I could easily see Trump losing in a landslide, because of Mail-In voting gimmicks and by the crooked Mainstream Media declaring winners quickly (knowing which States have been corrupted in advance).

    Trump is in trouble. He is both behind in the polls, and also unable to even get out and Campaign anymore. Joe Biden can just stay in his basement, and the less he is seen the better he does in the polls.

    But even if Trump can squeak by all this opposition against him (and the Country), how do we ever get rid of Nancy Pelosi? Look at all the seats that were either lost or stolen back in 2018. The Economy was strong then, (and the Democrats also looked foolish with the phony Brett Kavenaugh hysteria) and yet the GOP was blown out anyway.

    I am not sure there are enough Patriots left in this Country anymore to save it anymore. The American Public is just not educated enough to comprehend what has been going all — and thanks to “Big Tech” they have almost no access to good information. . All they known is what is on Facebook, and the Mainstream News — which is: “Orange Man bad”.

    Something real big has to happen to wake the Country up, and shift their sentiment away from: “It’s all Trump’s fault”. The avenues for even getting the truth out are few, and Trump is not even allowed to Campaign. Things looked good back in January. But something big needs to happen to retake control of the public narrative — which The Deep State controls now …. more than ever. The last 5 months are a great illustration of their endless capacity to turn the tables.

    • John Michael Chambers on June 7, 2020 at 11:17 am

      Understand your viewpoints. It’s either us or them. This is an intel battle – Mueller, Solemani, Impeachment, Covid-and so on the are exposed we won all of these battles. Watch whats’ next. It’s either us or them. Stay the course and be safe…

  3. Lawrence jayko on June 7, 2020 at 12:04 pm

    Employ the troops

    • John Michael Chambers on June 7, 2020 at 12:19 pm

      In progress….

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