Hope and pray for the best but prepare for the worst. So what would happen under martial law? Let’s take a closer look at martial law since most Americans do not understand what this really means. We sure hope this does not come to be but the education can never hurt. For those interested I am providing all the links of the previous blogs on this subject. The following information has been taken from the June 2016  McAlvany Intelligence Advisor of which I encourage you to subscribe to. Note: Please answer this survey question by listening to the brief podcast below.

What Would Happen Under Martial Law

a) The US Constitution would be suspended; b) habeas corpus (the right to be charged, and tried in court) would be suspended; c) civil rights would be suspended; d) civil law would be suspended; e) there would be no freedom of the press; f) there would be no freedom of assembly; g) there would be no freedom of speech; h) curfews would be enforced on the people; i) there would be troops in the streets for enforcement; j) checkpoints would be set up for control; k) the government would assume the right to hold persons without charging them with crimes; l) the government would assume the right to arrest anyone who is a “suspect”; m) imprisonment without representation or due process could be implemented; n) the potential for house-to-house confiscation of firearms, ammunition, or food supplies would exist.

In summary, the “Commander in Chief” (think Obama or Hillary) is enabled to impose martial law and military control in the United States. During a time of martial law, you will lose all of your rights. It will be a total dictatorship – as in Germany in 1933 after the Reichstag fire, a false-flag event perpetrated by Hitler and the Nazis. While it may be a shock, you will in essence be “naked” and vulnerable to the actions of whomever is “in charge.” Could martial law happen again in the United States? Yes, of course it could. The question is, what might trigger it, and would it be local, regional, or nationwide?

Additionally, one might wonder, if martial law is ever declared on a wide scale, would the military (or militarized police, or DHS, or a modern equivalent of the Nazi Brown Shirts) fully enforce the actionable demands and enforcement of martial law from the Commander in Chief? It’s worth pondering because the chances of such an event under our ultra- left socialist government are very real – perhaps in the wake of a large (staged) event or series of events.

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  1. Harold whiteley on June 6, 2016 at 7:52 pm

    ❗️❕❗️Right on point folks–> ya better get ready❗️❕❗️

  2. Karen Salazar on June 7, 2016 at 9:44 am

    Then why did Obama buy a house so he daughter can finish high school and he bought another house on some island . I think he won’t happen because it is not written in the bible this is not part of the ends times. Actually nordredomus apoke of a great man bring A country back to great ness. And we are in revelations 3 right now so we are close but not that close for one world order . God is given us another chance to have good preachers reach the lost souls so more can be saved

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