Money and the Madmen

Currency wars continue. A thrust towards a cashless society is emerging. The U.S. dollar in due time will lose its worlds reserve currency status. The Chinese RMB has been accepted by the IMF as a global reserve currency with SDR backing privilages. Since we are in the midst of the great global financial reset which includes the march towards an eventual one world currency then the injected digital chip system, I will cover in a series of new posts, the topic of money  beginning from a historical perspective taking us into the present situation into what the future has in store in this new world that is emerging. You see the madmen have their sights on money, your money. So I will begin here with a simple definition and commentary about money itself and then in future posts address what is really going on behind the scenes and how this will impact everyone everywhere.

So what is money? Money is an idea backed by confidence, which is used as a means of exchange, rather than say barter. Today we live in a debt based monetary system. At the time of this writing, the U.S. Federal debt alone is at $19 Trillion and with the recent budget approval will escalate to $21 Trillion very soon and that is just the Federal Debt, we covered derivatives in another post. Some say that money is the root of all evil; I disagree with this. There was a period of time many a moon ago where money did not exist, yet there was plenty of evil around. My best guess (I could be wrong), is that people who misuse life’s energy are the root of all evil, not money. Money is not evil and abundance is wonderful; there are evil people.

In this world it seems we have assigned power to money. It’s a pretty big agreement since everyone seems to be trying to acquire the stuff. So to that end, money is power in the sense that it is the means by which one can acquire tangible items, own things, have things, influence people and agendas, as well as affording perhaps better healthcare, better food, some things luxury, and all things essential to survival. Money allows one to participate in many things as well as to travel. The person with money can also take advantage of various opportunities to explore many new aspects and experiences in life than a person without money. Having said all that, money is still not the measure of the man (woman).

Money can’t buy contentment or happiness or love, but it can ease the experience of life and living if handled properly. There are those who attack the wealthy just because they are wealthy as though having a lot of money is a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with acquiring great wealth. It’s what you do with this great wealth that helps determine the character of the person. Some people, as we know, become very greedy and misuse the power that comes with having lots of money, and this can be seen in many ways. Others put that money to good use, such as a quality home, education for children and young adults, trust accounts for posterity, and many are philanthropic or charitable. I devoted two chapters in my book “Misconceptions and Course Corrections” towards the topic of money. One chapter covers an important historical perspective and touches on where we are heading if the the agenda set in motion by the globalists continues. The other chapter is titled “How to Make Money and be Happy doing it“.


  1. Buddy Pavlakos on January 20, 2016 at 4:37 am

    Unfortunately, there will always be a segment of society that are, as you referred to them, madmen. Corruption and deceit abound among those that will go to great lengths to further their selfish ambitions. However, l also believe that the majority of people, regardless of their wealth, would go to great lengths in order to benefit their friends, neighbors, and in some cases, complete strangers. I’ve been witness to selfless acts of kindness and generosity that have been inspiring and humbling. And yet I’ve also been witness to acts of selfishness and greed that are embarrassing and disgraceful. I happen to be of the opinion that if the madmen didn’t control the policies, that in effect determine which people and by what means wealth is aquired, that the silent majority would be free to prosper and support their friends, neighbors and those in need. Tension between those on opposite ends of the income gap, or between different races, or backgrounds, could be eased by the simple act of enabling those which would not succumb to the lure of evil, instead of those driven to manipulating the laws solely for their own benefit. I fear that at this point in history, where the fate of so many lie in the hands of so few, including a disproportionate number of madmen, the price of freeing humanity from the yoke of the current monetary structure will be more than most can bear, or will be willing to bear, before they conform. At some point, that must also change and time will definitively show where the human race will wind up when the future runs its course. I believe that in the face of the darkness that may threaten humanity’s future, the light of love and friendship will eventually come to pass. In the end it is the only thing that will save us from our own self destruction.

    • JohnMichaelChambers on January 20, 2016 at 4:49 am

      Well said Buddy. I agree completely with all you have stated. It is that light and love that you speak of within us all that will carry us through these challenging times. I believe leaders from all walks of life will arise amongst us and people will unite and fight for what’s right in many ways, in many places and on many fronts. This has already begun.

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