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Midterm Mayhem and False Flag Ops

Midterm Mayhem and False Flag Ops Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers If you are not up to speed on False Flags and the Hegelian Dialectic no better time to become more acquainted than now. The Midterm Mayhem and False Flag Ops that have occurred just in the past couple of months…

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Trump's Nuremberg Style Trials Coming Soon?

                    On July 15th 2017, I wrote this blog titled “It’s Either Us Or Them” which addresses the view that this is it. We have this chance for perhaps the very first time in recent history to reverse this dwindling spiral into the ruling elites tyrannical,…

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It's Either Us Or Them

                    This is it. We have this chance for perhaps the very first time in recent history to reverse this dwindling spiral into the ruling elites tyrannical, totalitarian global governance police state. We came so close to losing it all should crooked Hillary have won the…

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Will There Be A Debate September 26

I must say that I will be amazed if Hillary Clinton debates Donald Trump this coming Monday September 26th. It’s a suicide mission for her as far as I am concerned as Trump will pulverize Clinton. With all of the recent and obvious on-going issues concerning her physical and mental well being, (never mind the…

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Rigged System Election Theft

Listen To An Important Podcast Announcement Below That Can Help To Prevent Voter Fraud And Election Theft 66 days and counting and the stakes are high. I have written about the subject of derailing Trump and voter and election fraud before in numerous posts over the past year. The most recent post is titled Secret…

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Crossroads For Humanity

Crossroads For Humanity Donald Trump is not just running against Hillary Clinton, (the selected Presidential preferred winner for 2016), Trump is running against the establishment, the ruling elite and its once secret agenda for global domination via the New World Order. You should know the enemies of Donald Trump. With names such as the Rothschilds,…

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I'm Running Against The Media

In a speech given by Donald Trump (click here) on August 13, 2016 in Fairfield Connecticut, Trump said I’m not running against crooked Hillary I’m running against the media. Much of this speech was aimed at the media as well as being aimed at crooked lyin’ Hillary. Trump covered some policy issues as well. I…

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Propaganda Hyperbole Regurgitations Facts

So what’s this propaganda hyperbole regurgitations facts all about? Well its about deciphering truth from some varying degrees of untruths. It’s breaking the entrained patterns that many of us operate from at varying degrees. It’s about waking up from the dark spell many of us are unknowingly influenced by. It is a tool to help…

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Martial Law Preparedness And Forecast

Some people believe that the President must get approval from congress to invoke martial law. This is not true and is covered in addition to other critically important information in the links provided below. Martial law preparedness and forecast is most important as the likelihood of martial law is increasing and may be somewhat imminent.…

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