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John Michael Chambers

John Michael Chambers

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John Michael Chambers

Making Sense of The Madness

Derivatives The Coming Global Meltdown

We covered briefly the subject of the derivative time bomb that may collapse the world economy in the previous blog titled “What’s a Derivative Mommy“, so this a a follow up blog post covering the big banks and their derivatives exposure. There are five “too big to fail / jail” banks in America. These banks…


Why Donald Trump May Never Be President

Donald J. Trump was not supposed to happen. His bold and brash arrival on the scene back in June 2015 seeking office of the Presidency was not on the battle plan of the tightly controlled global agenda. This article is not about whether you think Trump is right for America or if you consider him…


Global Announcement Agenda 2030 Part VI

This will conclude the on-going series of posts discussing the United Nations Agenda 2030. The following has been taken from the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor October 2015 issue. The stated goals and the hidden reality of Agenda 2030. STATED GOAL #17: Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development. HIDDEN REALITY:…


A New World The Venus Project

A re-designing of the culture and systems that manages and deals with our survival as a species and the planet itself is the direction we must be heading in. We need to evaluate what we are doing and make the necessary course corrections not only on a personal spiritual level, but collectively if we are…