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I Will Always Put My Country First

                      I will always put my country first. Wow! Now that’s music to my ears. How long has it been since we have heard this from our President? Well certainly not in the past eight years and although we may have heard some similar promises…

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Trumping Global Governance

                    Donald J. Trump has been elected President of the United States so everything will be just fine and he will simply “Make America Great Again”? And this is cause for celebration? Well yes and no. I mean happy days are here again – right? No,…

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Potential Death of America One Election Away

In short President Obama calls for a course correction and put forth the the notion that we as Americans are to lose our sovereignty and surrender to Globalism. Just what Donald Trump warned us about in his foreign policy speech. In essence, President Obama reinforced the issues as laid out in Agenda 21, Agenda 2030,…

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Crossroads For Humanity

Crossroads For Humanity Donald Trump is not just running against Hillary Clinton, (the selected Presidential preferred winner for 2016), Trump is running against the establishment, the ruling elite and its once secret agenda for global domination via the New World Order. You should know the enemies of Donald Trump. With names such as the Rothschilds,…

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Clinton Skates America On Thin Ice

FBI will not indict as Hillary Clinton skates away and Americans are furious and rightly so. But really, this should come as no surprise. The country for all intents and purposes has been dismantled and taken over bit by bit for the past few decades (not too mention The Fed in 1913). But in more…

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Clinton Trump And The Political Atheist

One thing we all have in common (well most of us) is we like personal economic growth and stability. We like the chance for our children to have better opportunities than we did ourselves including quality education and healthcare. We desire to live in an open and free society and most of all we want…

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Death Of A Nation Trump The World Awaits

The impact of a Trump Presidency is global. Surely there are leaders of nations that strongly oppose Donald Trump yet there are other nations, the nations that oppose NWO global governance that do indeed embrace Trump. Thus the death of a nation Trump the world awaits. The following was written by Richard Davis, MD, and…

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Consequences Of A No Trump Presidency

So what are the consequences of a no Trump Presidency? We first must understand that Hillary Clinton is indeed a NWO globalist puppet and will continue taking this once great country down the path which will lead us to being a disarmed nation in poverty, death and destruction with the boots of a tyrannical police…

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Nationalism Versus Globalism

Nationalism versus Globalism. Let’s explore the basics of Nationalism versus Globalism, as Clinton can easily be defined as a Globalist and Trump can easily be defined as a Nationalist. So an important question to ask is where will the Globalist agenda lead us vs. the Nationalist agenda? Please listen to a brief podcast commentary relating…

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By The Grace Of God

  We can once again be the hope, promise and a beacon of light on the shinning hill for all of the world. There is a lot of work to be done. It will not be fast. It will not be easy, and the desired outcome is not guaranteed. But never underestimate what one man…

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