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Cashless Society Coming Soon

I blogged on this in a somewhat recent post called “War On Cash”. This is just a quick update on the subject of the forward progress towards a cashless society. Swiss Economist Marc Faber recently said “Basically we are moving into an Orwellian society where they can check everything and cash will be one of…

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Global Markets Business As Usual

I had a successful career as a financial advisor and later as a consultant that spanned nearly 15 years, focusing on estate planning, wealth preservation and retirement planning. For many years we were able to use both technical and fundamental analysis as helpful tools to provide in the design and planning process. All of this…

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War On Cash At A Glance

War on cash? Why? The war on cash is a war against privacy and for people control. The global war on cash is escalating rapidly. Moving to a cashless society (globally) will not happen overnight but is in fact being implemented right now across the globe. There are all sorts of restrictions for cash transactions…

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Money And The Madmen

Currency wars continue. A thrust towards a cashless society is emerging. The U.S. dollar in due time will lose its worlds reserve currency status. The Chinese RMB has been accepted by the IMF as a global reserve currency with SDR backing privilages. Since we are in the midst of the great global financial reset which…

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