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A Different Take On Racism

A Different Take On Racism Let me ask you a question, okay? What would happen if there were disruptions to the food supply, access to clean water, or catastrophic natural or man-made disasters, how important will these supposed racial issues be then? I believe people are inherently good. Yes, by some measures, there is about…

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Creating A Better World For Posterity

Four Steps To A Better World I acknowledge that this is not a simple, quick and easy thing to do however we must begin sometime and somewhere and that somewhere and that sometime is right here, right now in this blog post. The wrong thing to do is nothing. Tired of business as usual? Think…

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Discovery And The Evolution Of Change

As people become more and more upset with the way things are these days they often times have a burning desire to return to “the good old days”, they simply want to improve the conditions in life and in their own lives. This is where one begins to question things as they are and begins…

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The Lights Of Freedom Are Dimming

People all over the world are beginning to realize that something is wrong, something about this world is not quite right. People are beginning to question things as they are. I believe a most helpful thing to do is to stop associating ourselves within defined categories. For example, liberal view, conservative view etc. Keep politics…

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