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Trump 2020 Landslide

And with the wave of the hand – Trump ‘s election is secured. Did you watch the Democrat debates? I tried to get through it all but only survived the first 45 minutes or so of each debate, the “A” list debate and the “B” list debate. These debates may have driven the last nail…

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Potential Death of America One Election Away

In short President Obama calls for a course correction and put forth the the notion that we as Americans are to lose our sovereignty and surrender to Globalism. Just what Donald Trump warned us about in his foreign policy speech. In essence, President Obama reinforced the issues as laid out in Agenda 21, Agenda 2030,…

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Rigged System Election Theft

Listen To An Important Podcast Announcement Below That Can Help To Prevent Voter Fraud And Election Theft 66 days and counting and the stakes are high. I have written about the subject of derailing Trump and voter and election fraud before in numerous posts over the past year. The most recent post is titled Secret…

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Introducing The No Debate Debate

Okay so out of nowhere a “forum” is scheduled, I call this introducing the no debate debate. On September 7th Matt Lauer (in bed with the Clinton’s and that’s not even the big story here), will moderate a forum between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And wouldn’t you know it, they wont be on the…

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Focus On The Issues Trump vs Clinton

This post will take a snapshot covering various policy issues between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. We understand that Trump is up against a completely rigged system from the media, to voter and election fraud. We understand who the enemies of Donald Trump are and this includes individuals in both parties. So let’s continue to…

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Trump Businessman Clinton Politician

Okay since the Presidential debate of the century is upon us let’s start looking at the distinct and clear differences between the two candidates, Trump Businessman Clinton Politician. These two candidates have a very different vision for America and America’s place in the world. Clinton the Globalist Trump the Nationalist, Globalism versus Nationalism. The following…

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Trump The Next Step

The next four months may be the most important months this nation has ever faced. Donald Trump must win this election and must make the transition from the Trump plane to Air Force One. I have covered the Trump phenomenon since December 2015 here on this blog site as well as having written the book…

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The Unpopular Candidates

The unpopular candidates. One candidate is unpopular for her lies. The other candidate is unpopular for his truth. I will go with the latter. George Orwell said it best “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”. Of course the media in general gives Hillary a pass as well…

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