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Trump Draining the Economic Swamp

If you go back in time and look at the footage of citizen Trump, you will find that Donald Trump has been on point from day one. From the Oprah interview to the NY supreme court as an expert witness during the S&L crisis and everything in between. As stated by Q, America needed to…

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Very Important Gauges

These are very important gauges. The health of the economy and survival of this nation. Let’s look at these stats. Debt Gauge The first one is a gauge and a live ticker counter measuring the Federal debt of the United Stats. Presently you can see that the Federal debt in the U.S. has just breached…

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Creative Destruction

History has shown repeatedly that power centers frequently shift. I talked about this in another post called “Cycle Of Democracy”. The world is now witnessing yet another transition of power, this time from west to east, as the U.S. led Western hierarchy suffocates itself within its own debt-laden fiat bubble. We can recognize the rise…

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Common Sense Commentator

Once in a great while you will find a voice of reason. A brave common sense commentator who diverges from the scripted agenda and actually says what he thinks on national television. This is one of those people, Dylan Ratigan. Turns out of course he was correct and now the proverbial can that he mentioned…

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Got Assets, Escaping Market Meltdown

Got Assets, Escaping Market Meltdown Got assets? Escaping Market Meltdown. Inaction at this time will be the regret of a lifetime. Question: When will the markets collapse by another 30%-50% or more? Answer: When they are good and ready to do it. All collapses are engineered by design. And in this one man’s opinion that…

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US Federal Debt Hits 19 Trillion

US Federal Debt Hits 19 Trillion U.S. Federal Debt Hits $19 Trillion.Congratulations to the “Demicans” and Republicrats” and of course to the Fed, the present executive branch, congress and the elitists towards a global financial reset. The United States, the largest debtor nation in the world has just reached $19 Trillion and counting. Approximately every…

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Money Debt And The Fed

Presently and since 1944, the U.S. dollar is the world’s reserve currency and this coupled with a great change that is currently taking place which will affect every person on the planet (which we will discuss a bit further on), is why we must understand more about the U.S. dollar and the debt based monetary…

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Derivatives The Coming Global Meltdown

We covered briefly the subject of the derivative time bomb that may collapse the world economy in the previous blog titled “What’s a Derivative Mommy“, so this a a follow up blog post covering the big banks and their derivatives exposure. There are five “too big to fail / jail” banks in America. These banks…

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