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Trump The Most Loved Man Alive

Trump The Most Loved Man Alive Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers I love my Nationalist President. 100,000 people tried to get tickets to a rally to help Ted Cruz keep his seat? Trump. The Trump Phenomenon. Trump The Most Loved Man Alive. Yes this, in my opinion is true. You see…

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Hillary Clinton Rest In Peace

Hillary Clinton rest in peace. So now the DNC (actually the NWO), is shifting gears into a plan B contingency mode to do all they can to ensure a no Trump election. I have been blogging on the subject of a Trump election being subverted since December 2015. Is Hillary Clinton dead? She may be…

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Secret Vote Count And The Rigged Elections

“Those that cast the votes decide nothing. Those that count the votes decide everything” – Stalin. Many of us know by now that Presidents are selected and not elected. We have come to learn about the secret societies JFK talked about like The Bilderberg Group, Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove for example. It has…

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Propaganda Hyperbole Regurgitations Facts

So what’s this propaganda hyperbole regurgitations facts all about? Well its about deciphering truth from some varying degrees of untruths. It’s breaking the entrained patterns that many of us operate from at varying degrees. It’s about waking up from the dark spell many of us are unknowingly influenced by. It is a tool to help…

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The Most Important Book Of 2016

Coming soon “What One Man Can Do” the new Donald Trump book to help swing voters. America and freedom itself is at a crossroads. Civilization as we know it is about to change. This is the most important book of 2016 “What One Man Can Do”. This is America’s last stand as the world awaits,…

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