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Trump and the Course Correction

Trump and the Course Correction There is a system in place. A clandestine sophisticated network that controls the world we live in and creates the narrative which permeates throughout the world and becomes the false reality we have all come to know as our way of life. Our civilization is entering the beginning stages of…

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Election Suspension False Flags Trigger Lockdowns

All and any measures to prevent a Trump Presidency are underway. Election Suspension False FlagsTrigger Lockdowns. This is the likely sequence towards either regional or national Martial Law should they exercise this extreme option. It’s been done before. The following information has been taken from the June 2016  McAlvany Intelligence Advisor of which I encourage…

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Trump And The Secret Organizations Of The Power Elite

Seems that the secret organizations of the ruling power elite are no longer secret. There has been a great awakening taking place over the past many years. What was once considered to be conspiracy theory and “tin foil hat-ish” is now widely understood at varying degrees with an increasing segment of the global population. This…

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What One Man Can Do

What One Man Can Do Never underestimate what one man can do.The affect that Donald Trump is having can never really be fully and quantitatively measured. Why? Because it is impossible to measure the unlimited potential and power of waking up (the suppressed) human spirit. And in this case waking up the human spirit within…

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