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Crossroads For Humanity

Crossroads For Humanity Donald Trump is not just running against Hillary Clinton, (the selected Presidential preferred winner for 2016), Trump is running against the establishment, the ruling elite and its once secret agenda for global domination via the New World Order. You should know the enemies of Donald Trump. With names such as the Rothschilds,…

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Consequences Of A No Trump Presidency

So what are the consequences of a no Trump Presidency? We first must understand that Hillary Clinton is indeed a NWO globalist puppet and will continue taking this once great country down the path which will lead us to being a disarmed nation in poverty, death and destruction with the boots of a tyrannical police…

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America's Last Stand No Trump No Hope

It is beyond the eleventh hour. Without a Trump Presidency America will be lost forever swallowed up into the NWO’s global governance. This truly is America’s last stand no Trump no hope. America’s Last Stand No Trump No Hope The following was written by Richard Davis, MD, and is an excerpt of the forward for…

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Election Analysis Update June 2016

So much noise. So much BS going on. They are good at creating chaos on many fronts to detract the populace as to the incredible phenomenon taking place, that of course being Donald J. Trump. I will attempt to summarize what I feel are the key aspects of the election analysis update June 2016. Oh…

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More Than Saving America

This election cycle is about more than saving America. America, western civilization, and all of humanity is at a crossroads. Yes it is beyond the eleventh hour but with Trump there is a feeling and a belief that we can turn this around. No Trump-No Hope. From all over the U.S. to Russia, parts of…

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Trump I'm Gonna Break Up The Rigged System

On May 24, 2016 at another packed house campaign rally speech this time in New Mexico, we can post this headline; Trump I’m gonna break up the rigged system. Trump went on to say that we have all been treated unfairly and that we have been played. He said the system is against him and…

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The Trump Movement To Save America

America has been disassembled piece by piece over the past several decades particularly since 911. The enemies of Donald Trump are in an uproar and Trump continues to soar on his way to the GOP nomination in spite of the coordinated unprecedented attacks. And isn’t it an odd phenomenon that the more they attack Trump…

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By The Grace Of God

  We can once again be the hope, promise and a beacon of light on the shinning hill for all of the world. There is a lot of work to be done. It will not be fast. It will not be easy, and the desired outcome is not guaranteed. But never underestimate what one man…

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Belgium US Muslim Ban

Belgium US Muslim ban. Yet another horrific tragedy carried out by ISIS this time in Belgium. Prayers and protection to all. How many times do we have to be told “I told you so”? Seems tragedy brings unity. Perhaps we can unite for once against the real enemy within and elect a candidate that can…

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Who Are The Enemies Of Donald Trump?

You know much about a person by their friends. You know a lot about a person by their enemies. The enemies of Donald Trump are no friends of mine, and are no friends of capitalism, individual freedoms or sovereign nations. So who are the enemies of Donald Trump? Enemies Of Trump You’ve heard the expression…

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