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Trump, Money and the Fed

So who are these guys in this picture? Legendary author of “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, researcher and film producer G. Edward Griffin, my good friend and founder of PollMole Dr.Richard Davis, (R.I.P.), Mad Max Mullen and oh yeah, a much younger me, John Michael Chambers. This post, Trump, Money and the Fed lays out…

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The Hidden Value In Owning Gold

I covered some introductory basics on gold and silver in the previous blog and now I would like to elaborate a bit on why gold, why silver, why now? So let’s begin again discussing fiat. Fiat Today we have what is called “fiat” or more accurately defined as “digital fiat currency”. Fiat simply means a…

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Why Gold, Why Silver, Why Now

Before you go out and start investing in precious metals or start selling off your current holdings, it is wise to gain a better understanding about this alluring asset class so that you are better equipped to make wise decisions regarding your investments. There is much to know about owning precious metals, gold, silver and…

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Lessons From The Dustbin Of History

Ding dong? Anybody home? Some of us know of this. Most don’t. Some of us still read books, many of us don’t. So here are some quick important quotes that have shaped America and thus the world and soon this charade is coming to an end but it will be very, very ugly and quite…

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Rise And Shine Of Gold

Is now the time to invest in gold? Gold has risen from approximately 1069.00 to 1193.00 thus far in 2016 and gold has now reached a one year high. The spot price of gold has risen nearly 18 percent in 2016 following three years of losses. So is this the beginning of the next bull…

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Formation Of The Fed

“Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.”- Amschel Rothschild, Mayer and German banker. He was the founder of the Rothschild family international banking dynasty. In November of 1910, on Jekyll Island, Georgia, seven men who represented directly or indirectly one fourth of the world’s wealth, met…

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