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“Send Her Back” – Some People Said Something

QUICK BLOG POST About 911, someone once said that “some people did something” Oh yeah it was Ilhan Omar who once said that. Well on July 17, 2019 in Greenville, NC at the Trump rally, America responded, by chanting, “send her back”. Seems some people said something. You know what I say, If you don’t…

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LGBT An Open Letter

LGBT An Open Letter Dear LGBT, This LGBT an open letter is addressed to all LGBT’s and this includes family members and my LGBT friends throughout the world. Serious threats to your existence are now front and center and will continue to escalate unless something is done. You are a target. This is a time…

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Clock Is Ticking No Trump No Hope

It is beyond the eleventh hour as the clock is ticking no Trump no hope. The consequences of a no Trump presidency are catastrophic not only for America but for the human race. Go ahead and laugh at me, I really don’t care. The future one way or the other will prove me right. This…

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