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My Front Door

This post was contributed by Dr. Richard Davis, MD. Ever since I was a kid I lived in a house fitted with a front door and a lock. That door was put there for a reason – to keep uninvited things out – bad weather, squirrels, vagrants, and anything else that might be potentially dangerous.…

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Get The Hell Out Of The White House

Michael Savage, PhD, best selling author and recent winner of the National Radio Hall of Fame Award is unhinged. I encourage you to pick up a copy of his books “Government Zero” and his soon to be released book titled “Scorched Earth“. The following post was taken from the August 3, 2016 Savage radio broadcast…

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Washington's Vision Three Is Upon Us

Back in 1999, I came across Washington’s Three Visions from a pamphlet that the St. Germain Foundation out of Mt. Shasta, California had printed. This originally came from of a newspaper article first published in the National Trubune in 1859 and reprinted in 1880 (vol. 4, no. 12, Dec. 1880). The vision was related to…

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Pendulum Shifts

The pendulum shifts. Some people are comparing the Brexit vote and even Donald Trump to the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence. There are clear similarities. The Brexit vote was about divorcing Britain from the overbearing socialist bureaucrats in Brussels. Trump’s presidential campaign is about destroying the overbearing globalist elitists in Washington – regardless…

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Cleveland Convention Chaos Delegate Lap Dance

Cleveland convention chaos delegate lap-dance is inevitable and just around the corner. It does not take someone with pyschic abilities to forecast the fact that there will be riots, protests, unrest and more than likely bloodshed at the RNC in Cleveland. The police essentially are told to stand down and we may see the National…

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Clinton Skates America On Thin Ice

FBI will not indict as Hillary Clinton skates away and Americans are furious and rightly so. But really, this should come as no surprise. The country for all intents and purposes has been dismantled and taken over bit by bit for the past few decades (not too mention The Fed in 1913). But in more…

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Lynch Clinton Deception

There is more to the Lynch Clinton deception than meets the eye. Who could possibly believe that they just happened to cross paths at the airport and randomly decide to have a completely private discussion about their grandchildren. Lynch went on to say that their talk was “primarily” about personal matters and nothing else. Oh…

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Clinton Trump And The Political Atheist

One thing we all have in common (well most of us) is we like personal economic growth and stability. We like the chance for our children to have better opportunities than we did ourselves including quality education and healthcare. We desire to live in an open and free society and most of all we want…

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Election Suspension False Flags Trigger Lockdowns

All and any measures to prevent a Trump Presidency are underway. Election Suspension False FlagsTrigger Lockdowns. This is the likely sequence towards either regional or national Martial Law should they exercise this extreme option. It’s been done before. The following information has been taken from the June 2016  McAlvany Intelligence Advisor of which I encourage…

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Trump I'm Gonna Break Up The Rigged System

On May 24, 2016 at another packed house campaign rally speech this time in New Mexico, we can post this headline; Trump I’m gonna break up the rigged system. Trump went on to say that we have all been treated unfairly and that we have been played. He said the system is against him and…

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