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You Have Little Faith – Trust The Plan

Based on what I see on social media as well as the many people who have reached out to me, I must say that I am somewhat surprised that there seems to be a number of people who believe that President Trump has caved on both the wall negotiations and the most recent opening of…

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Trump Ethics Justice and the Border

Trump Ethics Justice and the Border Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers When individuals or groups and nations cannot restrain their unlawful and dangerous behavior, they must be restrained by others. Thus ethics, justice and the rule of law. We see this every day in life and we see this today with…

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My Front Door

This post was contributed by Dr. Richard Davis, MD. Ever since I was a kid I lived in a house fitted with a front door and a lock. That door was put there for a reason – to keep uninvited things out – bad weather, squirrels, vagrants, and anything else that might be potentially dangerous.…

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