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Trump Ethics Justice and the Border

Trump Ethics Justice and the Border Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers When individuals or groups and nations cannot restrain their unlawful and dangerous behavior, they must be restrained by others. Thus ethics, justice and the rule of law. We see this every day in life and we see this today with…

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Pedophilia the Achilles Heel of the Deep State

Pedophilia the Achilles Heel of the Deep State Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers Pedophilia the Achilles Heel of the Deep State. Why? Well outside of those who are under the clutches of Satan as well as a segment of the lunatic left, nobody approves of children being used for sex, trafficking,…

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It's Either Us Or Them

                    This is it. We have this chance for perhaps the very first time in recent history to reverse this dwindling spiral into the ruling elites tyrannical, totalitarian global governance police state. We came so close to losing it all should crooked Hillary have won the…

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Trump Deconstructing The New World Order

Yes one could say that President Donald Trump is deconstructing the New World Order. President Trump’s approach to his presidency thus far shows me (in part), not only does he follow through on his word, but he seems to take on this position as though he were the CEO and President of a corporation. Oh…

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Trump and the Course Correction

Trump and the Course Correction There is a system in place. A clandestine sophisticated network that controls the world we live in and creates the narrative which permeates throughout the world and becomes the false reality we have all come to know as our way of life. Our civilization is entering the beginning stages of…

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Potential Death of America One Election Away

In short President Obama calls for a course correction and put forth the the notion that we as Americans are to lose our sovereignty and surrender to Globalism. Just what Donald Trump warned us about in his foreign policy speech. In essence, President Obama reinforced the issues as laid out in Agenda 21, Agenda 2030,…

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More Than Saving America

This election cycle is about more than saving America. America, western civilization, and all of humanity is at a crossroads. Yes it is beyond the eleventh hour but with Trump there is a feeling and a belief that we can turn this around. No Trump-No Hope. From all over the U.S. to Russia, parts of…

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The Trump Movement To Save America

America has been disassembled piece by piece over the past several decades particularly since 911. The enemies of Donald Trump are in an uproar and Trump continues to soar on his way to the GOP nomination in spite of the coordinated unprecedented attacks. And isn’t it an odd phenomenon that the more they attack Trump…

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Trump Will Pulverize Clinton

Should Donald Trump gain the nomination from the GOP and should the FBI & DOJ have their hands tied from their hierarchy resulting in no indictment of Hillary Clinton, then we will see Trump vs. Clinton and in my opinion Donald Trump will pulverize Clinton. Trump Will Pulverize Clinton Yes the well established Clinton machine…

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