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Expanding The Martial Law Verbiage

The following was taken from the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor titled Expanding The Martial Law Verbiage. I encourage you to subscribe to this informative monthly advisory report. After 9/11 the word “terrorist” was the buzzword to get everyone worried and fearful enough to bow down to rapidly expanding federal government controls. For years, all you had…

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Orlando Terror Divide And Conquer We All Lose

In light of the recent radical Islamic terror massacre in Orlando, I will write this brief yet informative blog post. The following is a non-knee jerk reaction to the problem at hand. It is an intelligent approach and analysis of how we are being played. It’s exhausting arguing over the various issues that have been…

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Trump Warns America Is In Danger

Orlando Terror attack for all intents and purposes was forecast by Donald Trump. I think the American people need to read this post and begin to listen to what Donald Trump has been saying. Wake up America! On March 29, 2016 Trump Warns America is in danger. But let’s go back and connect a few…

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Political Correctness Tyranny With Manners

Terror in Orlando. How much has political correctness contributed to this horrific massacre? You can bet the talking points will be geraed towards gun control, United Nations taking control over the internet and a continuation of not labeling the enemy correctly. Political Correctness taken to the point where we find it today is really nothing…

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Guns, Elitists And Jihadists

Guns, Elitists And Jihadists Guns, Elitists And Jihadists. The gun violence, radical Islamic terrorism and other events of sorts that we see happening on a day to day basis will continue and escalate. Now don’t shoot me I am only the messenger. Grand scale unthinkable acts are on the horizon that will tower previous events. I wish…

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