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PollMole Electoral Process Integrity

“The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin. Elections are rigged.  Don‘t believe me? Read this! It’s a rigged system. Voter fraud and election theft has been going on for a long time. One thing we know with certainty is the ruling elite establishment does not want a Trump…

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Hillary Clinton Rest In Peace

Hillary Clinton rest in peace. So now the DNC (actually the NWO), is shifting gears into a plan B contingency mode to do all they can to ensure a no Trump election. I have been blogging on the subject of a Trump election being subverted since December 2015. Is Hillary Clinton dead? She may be…

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Crossroads For Humanity

Crossroads For Humanity Donald Trump is not just running against Hillary Clinton, (the selected Presidential preferred winner for 2016), Trump is running against the establishment, the ruling elite and its once secret agenda for global domination via the New World Order. You should know the enemies of Donald Trump. With names such as the Rothschilds,…

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Focus On The Issues Trump vs Clinton

This post will take a snapshot covering various policy issues between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. We understand that Trump is up against a completely rigged system from the media, to voter and election fraud. We understand who the enemies of Donald Trump are and this includes individuals in both parties. So let’s continue to…

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Trump vs Clinton On Governing America

Seems over the past eight years that the United States is resembling a lawless Banana Republic rather than a Constitutional Republic with civil rights and abiding by the rule of law. This election will determine how the U.S. will be governed and this is no small issue. So in this post titled Trump vs Clinton…

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Foreign Policy Matters Americanism vs Globalism

I have traveled somewhat and have been living overseas for about five years now and I can tell you the sentiment regarding the U.S. concerning its meddling with nation building and its thirst for war to “spread democracy” is not well accepted. I can share stories to support this as I have had many a…

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Secret Vote Count And The Rigged Elections

“Those that cast the votes decide nothing. Those that count the votes decide everything” – Stalin. Many of us know by now that Presidents are selected and not elected. We have come to learn about the secret societies JFK talked about like The Bilderberg Group, Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove for example. It has…

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Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Race Women

Much has been said about both candidates on Women’s issues and the subject of race. Let’s take a look at both Trump and Clinton’s views on these two subjects that are sure to be addressed in the up and coming debates. They have called Trump a racist and Clinton a champion for women. Well let’s…

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Trump Clinton Banks IRS Audits And The Fed

Everyone knows how powerful the banking industry, the Federal Reserve and the IRS are. So where do the candidates stand on these important issues? With the debates of the century just weeks away let’s continue now in this series of posts highlighting the positions each candidate has on the important issues facing this nation today.…

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