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Economic Tsunami Mother Meltdowns

Economic Tsunami Mother Of All Meltdowns Yes the economic tsunami and the mother of all meltdowns is coming soon and I know exactly when this will happen. When you may ask? It will happen when the string pulling orchestrators and merchants of chaos are good and ready. In my opinion this could be later in…

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Creative Destruction

History has shown repeatedly that power centers frequently shift. I talked about this in another post called “Cycle Of Democracy”. The world is now witnessing yet another transition of power, this time from west to east, as the U.S. led Western hierarchy suffocates itself within its own debt-laden fiat bubble. We can recognize the rise…

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Common Sense Commentator

Once in a great while you will find a voice of reason. A brave common sense commentator who diverges from the scripted agenda and actually says what he thinks on national television. This is one of those people, Dylan Ratigan. Turns out of course he was correct and now the proverbial can that he mentioned…

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Got Assets, Escaping Market Meltdown

Got Assets, Escaping Market Meltdown Got assets? Escaping Market Meltdown. Inaction at this time will be the regret of a lifetime. Question: When will the markets collapse by another 30%-50% or more? Answer: When they are good and ready to do it. All collapses are engineered by design. And in this one man’s opinion that…

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The Hidden Value In Owning Gold

I covered some introductory basics on gold and silver in the previous blog and now I would like to elaborate a bit on why gold, why silver, why now? So let’s begin again discussing fiat. Fiat Today we have what is called “fiat” or more accurately defined as “digital fiat currency”. Fiat simply means a…

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Why Gold, Why Silver, Why Now

Before you go out and start investing in precious metals or start selling off your current holdings, it is wise to gain a better understanding about this alluring asset class so that you are better equipped to make wise decisions regarding your investments. There is much to know about owning precious metals, gold, silver and…

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