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Surveys indicate that people no longer trust the media for news, politicians for the truth, or that Wall Street has Main Street’s best interest in mind. The John Michael Chambers Report informs and empowers individuals in a changing world. Americans are starving for truth in this rapidly changing world. Be informed and empowered. Stay connected.

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    • Weekly informative links (data, reports, and videos) carefully researched from numerous independent sources addressing current political, geopolitical, intelligence and economic content
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Political Consulting

With your recurring monthly subscription, you gain access to consult with John and his resource network. John is available for paid subscribers to bring clarity to the deep state, political, geopolitical, and economic issues of the day as well as consulting, coaching and guiding those with economic and financial related matters. He can also be instrumental in connecting fellow patriots with individuals, proactive groups, initiatives, for those who desire to become politically active.

Global Financial Reset

John Michael Chambers retired in 2008 as a successful financial advisor, with a total of six independent offices in three states. John is not a financial or investment advisor today nor does he manage money for a fee. John serves as a “Wealth Strategist” and coach, providing independent non-biased commentary and analysis. John’s proprietary model is truly a paradigm shift in thinking, offering a new sound, superior, proactive approach to protecting and preserving wealth utilizing both alternative paper assets, as well as tangible assets. While so many others will continue to operate in the deceitful and flawed modalities being advised by an industry they no longer trust, John’s clients are positioned properly for the Global Financial Reset that is upon us.

A great change is now underway. The time for action is now. When working with John, you gain access to John’s valuable rolodex, a highly respected resource network of like-minded economists and financial professionals who can become part of your team.