The Perfect Candidate?
The perfect candidate? What an oxymoron. There is no perfect candidate. And from the cast of characters running on both party platforms (add in Gary Johnson and the others from the Libertarian party) the answer to the question “Is there a perfect candidate” is emphatically no, simply none of the above. This is not a pro-or con blog post about Donald Trump. It is a post to begin to shift our programmable patterns of brainwashed thinking and to further expose the man behind the curtain and just why has Trump become the target that must be destroyed at any and all costs. This really should be of concern for everyone of us if you understand exactly what I and many others have been trying to say.

You could make a list a mile long on each candidate with speculative allegations and interpretations about their policies, their acts, and their character. False statements made by candidates that are out of context, or statements which are very dated during quite different times. You could easily draw up a list of deceitful cleverly worded lies and photos, as well as of course some verifiable out right facts and lies concerning the acts of each and every candidate. They are all to an extent, guilty as charged. Some may even be of a criminal nature. No candidate running today as far as I can see could escape this scrutiny. There is no perfect candidate. And the media can sell any story very convincingly, think JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald. Think 911 and many more. Once you truly understand what is really going on behind the scenes things will make more sense. I intend to lay this out in the next blog post later this week.

The Trumpfecta And Why

There is one candidate in particular that will undergo an unprecedented amount of attacks and that candidate is Donald Trump. One should ask why? Not necessarily due to the fact that Trumps list is longer or the items on his list are more concerning as all of that is a matter of opinion and politics. But this unprecedented orchestrated global attacks on Trump is due simply because of the fact that he is the only non-politician running and anyone who knows anything about this process knows that Presidents are selected and ushered in by the control centers. i.e. the PACS, the Lobbyists, Skull and Bones, corporations, wealthy individuals and of course the secret societies that JFK warned us about in the speech that many say contributed in part his assassination. You see there is an agenda of which they have been working on for decades towards a new world order. New World Order (NWO) a conspiracy theory? No. You can now see it was a conspiracy fact. And Donald Trump must be stopped as he is the only candidate who poses a threat to the ruling elites plan.This should be the headline narrative and never will be for obvious reasons.

Sanders is out. One theory is, is that he is there for positioning to actually make Hillary look good since he is even further left than she. Clinton will more than likely not be indicted or charged because that would also implicate too many others. If she is, we may see another candidate brought in to challenge Bernie Sanders. As far as I can see, she has a clear pathway to the White House when she should be heading to the jailhouse.

Both Rubio and Cruz will become non-factors very soon and all hell will now begin to reign down on Donald Trump. There is talk about Romney (The loser) re-emerging and there is talk about brokered conventions and Trump leaving the party to run as an independent. And believe me folks you aint seen nothing yet! We will see things we have never before seen being done during a campaign cycle, extraordinary things-you wait and see. Now the amount of funding towards this effort to derail and destroy Trump is limitless and they control the media, enough said. The attacks will be endless and ruthless not only from the Democrats but from the Republicans as well. The attacks are coming from other countries like Mexico and plenty more will be piling on. These countries of course have much to gain in the design of the new global order so of course they are called to the media carpet for their voices to be heard against Trump who is upsetting the apple cart in a very big way. How much can one man take? Is Donald Trump’s life in Danger?

By the way in all fairness to Trump, (one of the very imperfect candidates), it is worthy to note that he has drummed up much support. It’s almost like Beatlemania! You can see this movement reflected by the continuous record breaking crowds all across America attending his rallies (40,000 just the other night) as well as increasing support from many public figures, coupled with Trump leading in most of the polls.  So are all these supporters of Trump supporting Trump due to the fact that Trump is so evil and they are so blind and so stupid? Is he really that bad? Are the majority of voters in America and a growing list of political and Hollywood public figures and supporters all wrong? I should say not. Something else is wrong-very wrong. Something to think about.

I will be posting a blog later on this week that no one really is addressing in all these political social media blogs and neither is the mainstream media. I will state from my view exactly what is going on and a checklist which may really get one researching and rethinking. Not to sway anyone’s vote, but this attack that Trump is under would be dished out to ANYONE not selected by the system who has gained such popularity and who is deemed to be a great threat to the agenda. Do you get that?  And THAT should scare the daylights out of you if you take moment and just let that sink in. Meanwhile if you are following my blog posts I would suggest going through some of the various previous blogs in different categories to get the ball rolling. Stay safe. Be smart. Step out of your box and think for yourself.

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  1. Brad Childs on February 29, 2016 at 11:41 pm

    We had a TRUMP in the name of SCHWARZENEGGER who thought that he could run CA like a business. He was elected and allegedly took no salary but bombed miserably. Certainly the whole idea behind being a President is vanity. While I believe that Obama had some altruistic goals, he also had a personal goal which he as achieved, being the first bi-racial President.

    • John Michael Chambers - Author on March 1, 2016 at 6:47 am

      Thanks Brad for the comments. Good points but we cannot apply A=A when it comes to individuals. And I think SCHWARZENEGGER would be more aptly compared to REAGAN than to TRUMP. Trump although he became a “Celebrity” due to his most successful TV show (of which I never even saw one episode of), is really noted for his tremendous success as a builder and and empire unto himself having become the 436th richest man in the world with a net worth in excess of $10 Billion. REAGAN like SCHWARZENEGGER were primarily paid Hollywood actors.

      As to BHO, many (including Trump) state that he is incompetent and or stupid. I disagree. I believe he is very intelligent and knows exactly what he is doing. He set out to fundamentally transform America and this he certainly has accomplished (all in accordance with the global elites NWO and global agenda). He has two key steps left-Guns & Speech and he is working feverishly and deviously I might add on these now too. Expect more FF”s and events later this year.

      You raised a good point about first bi-racial President. But people seem to forget that BHO does not really represent to me and to many as the first “Black” President, after all he never really lived so much of the “Black” experience in America as mentioned in his own books. Many black people across America have come to learn this now after nearly 8 years, some of which I know personally. To begin with he is also white which people seem to forget. Not a baptist or devote practicing christian by any means. I’m not going get into his background here.

      I can tell you this, BHO should have been put under the same scrutiny that is cast upon TRUMP, CRUZ and RUBIO and to some extent CLINTON too right now and it is highly doubtful (even though bi-racial) he would have become President, oops too late. But as is widely known, Presidents are funded and selected and endorsed by the controlled media then ushered into office. Its a charade. Like George Carlin said-voting gives us the illusion that we have a say in this, we don’t. The way the system is rigged (never mind voter fraud), they duped us at “hello”.

      But believe me I would be MOST proud to have a true 100% born and raised in the U.S.Black President. One having lived the “Black Experience” providing his or her policies were good for America etc. A Ben Carson or an Allen West might have been better examples of this. But we did not get into this condition just and only on BHO’s watch. Been going on a very long time at east since Bush 1, quite frankly even way before that.

      Hang onto our seats 2016 will be a tumultuous year on many fronts. Boy how I wish we could unite in love and power against the true forces that have divided us and that has brought America nearly to its knees and a world in chaos. The realist in me says long, hard dark days will continue and remain immediately ahead and for some time. I know that I am right and I will be proven right. I wish I were wrong. The long-term optimist in me says we will unite and we as the human race will prevail. America now has its heaviest load to bear for itself and as a leader for rest of the world. Love you Brad like the brother I never had.

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