Prosecution of the Deep State

The Prosecution of the Deep State Has Begun

Obamagate has made the MSM talking points and is now among the top political trending words of the day. Back in 2019, we had the release of the IGI and IGII reports. And as Q has stated for nearly two years now, that General Michael Flynn will be free and may even land a position in the Trump administration. Q has also stated that FISA will bring down the house. The General Flynn case is doing just that as the unmaskers are themselves now, being unmasked. Everything happened under Obama’s watch with his finger prints all over this. The prosecution of the deep state has begun. And as for Joe Biden, well he was one of the unmaskers. Couple this with the recent sex allegations and his dealings with China, Burisma and the Ukraine, never mind the video and photograph footage of his touchy-feely behavior with not only women, but little boys and girls (we ran the footage and images on one of my daily news broadcasts earlier this year), Biden is about to have a crash landing. He is holed up in his basement and can barely get a cohesive sentence out of his mouth. As I have suggested all along, Biden may not be the nominee for the Democrats. Time will soon tell. In either case he and dozens of others will soon be indicted and many arrested.


Challenging days are here and will get worse before it gets better but the good news is that people are waking up. People are beginning to see. With the prosecution of the deep state unfolding and the tyrannical moves in various states by the respective Governors, we can see that the people, even Democrats and independents alike, have had enough. People want to get back to work and living in a “free society. They don’t care for the taste of tyranny. After all, they too know that a quarantine is when you restrict the movement of sick people and that tyranny is when you restrict the movement of healthy people. The Dems will continue to lose at the ballot box come November.

Fauci, Birx, Gates, and the rest of the boogeymen at the WHO and CDC are also being exposed. We have reported on this with expert guests throughout the past several weeks on my daily show “Making Sense of the Madness – News Behind the News”. This Covid-19, is a conspiracy crime committed by the CDC and others. Dr. David E. Martin, has done the research and has filed the documentation with the AG and US attorney’s along with elected officials, suggesting (and citing specific references and codes in various bills as well as the US Constitution), that Covid-19 is an act of domestic terrorism. Exposure of all kinds on all fronts. I now direct your attention to the select interviews and discussions provided below. Watch these and share these.


John Michael Chambers free report

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NBTN Unmasking the unmaskers (Deep state)

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Covid-19 domestic terrorism

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praying medic is in the house

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  1. john simmons on May 17, 2020 at 8:31 pm

    Irrelevant but Unwilling

    Day by day, moment by moment…..the government became more and more irrelevant, bureaucracy useless and politicians sounded like birds trying to sing in hell, with their feathers on fire. Nobody could stand to listen to them anymore. Just like that everyone’s eyes were opened, even those who refused to look could plainly see the shallowness of those they had come to depend on, and thus the curtain was pulled back, then burned. All things were laid bare, there was no more hiding. Even the children could think for themselves again and began carrying on conversations with people older and younger. They became a part of what was going on around them…once again. There was something in the air…change…vision…maybe determination, but there definitely was a turning or churning if you will. Everyone had the same priorities. They listened, they thought, they wondered how can we get back to where we were…is it possible? Call it hope or a light coming on but all the common people were on the same side…for once and maybe the only time. Then…there were the “Irrelevant but Unwilling” still entrenched, still happy with where they were, but happier that we were still where we are…for now. So they all sat in their little political pill boxes pretending to be servants of the people, saying what needed to be heard, doing what needed to be seen, so as to maintain the desired respect from the dirt(y) people, oblivious to the fact that they became irrelevant, unwanted, unnoticed long ago. As they peered over the wall and we wallowed in the mess below, I wondered from which position the distance seemed further.
    No one wanted to predict when it would happen but everybody knew it was coming. It was just a matter of time…or timing. The bones they were throwing over the wall would appease only for so long. The puppets could finally, and curiously, see the puppeteers yet the strings could not (or would not) allow them to alter their actions. Thus the basic battle began to grow in the little dormant minds between instinct and desire, want and need, survival or sacrifice, couch or curiosity. “Should we unplug from this matrix of humanity and step back into the individual realm”?
    Calm water is a wonderful thing, peaceful, soothing beautiful, yet seductive and enveloping, especially for those who don’t know how to swim or have never ventured out. When walking out into the water, something changes when you can’t touch anymore. Some would call it fear, some respect but water takes on a whole different characteristic about it….when it becomes bigger than you. You become fully aware of it’s scale and enormity the farther you venture out. You realize your senses and instincts are trying to override your reasoning. Nothing really makes sense anymore

  2. Bill on May 24, 2020 at 7:14 pm

    So far I like what I’m hearing now I haft to believe

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