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John Michael Chambers is not a financial or investment advisor nor does he manage money for a fee. John serves as a wealth strategist providing independent non-biased commentary and analysis.

John’s proprietary model is truly a paradigm shift in thinking offering his clients a new sound, superior, proactive approach to protecting and preserving wealth utilizing both alternative paper assets as well as tangible assets. While so many others will continue to operate in the deceitful and flawed modalities being advised by an industry they no longer trust. A great change is now upon us. The time for action is now.

As a wealth strategist, John assists like-minded individuals using his proprietary model for growth, income, proper risk assessment and asset preservation. When working with John, you gain access to John’s valuable rolodex, a resource network of like-minded financial professionals who can become part of your team.


John Michael Chambers retired from a successful career from 1996-2008 as an independent Financial Advisor with six offices in Colorado, Florida, and New Mexico with a focus on wealth preservation.  He has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal as well as many other newspapers and radio and television stations of note across the country, including CBS and NBC. He retired from this successful career in 2008.

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John Michael Chambers is a political and economic author, speaker and publisher that does not act as a personal investment advisor for any specific individual. Nor does John advocate the purchase or sale of any security or investment for any specific individual. The JMC Wealth Strategist program provides published books, reports and informative and educational modules and delivery systems including personal one on one coaching and consulting and includes the John Michael Chambers Report .

Investment advice or the acquisition of precious metals, securities, insurance products and other related opportunities both paper and tangible, are not provided by John but are offered via a referral resource network of which clients gain access to. Clients should be aware that investment markets have inherent risks and there can be no guarantee of future profits. Likewise, past performance does not assure the same future results.

John offers a free 15-minute consult to discuss your situation and to determine whether or not John’s wealth strategist services are a fit for one another.