John Michael Chambers

John Michael Chambers is the author of seven books. He has also written over 400 articles and continues to write articles each and every week. John speaks and does book signings across America. Look for the release of his next book this January 2021.


John Michael Chambers is a transformational author challenging even the most awakened reader.

Trump and the Resurrection of America Book

Trump and the Resurrection of America

With the recent upset of the century, the shadow government of this world has experienced its first real setback with the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. The globalists now tremble as Trump and this movement threatens their totalitarianism world government. Although optimism has returned, the battle now begins as President Donald J. Trump leads America’s second revolution.


What One Man Can Do

This book was written as a commentary and analysis of the Trump phenomenon during the 2016 election cycle. Broken down into four sections – The Trump Phenomenon, The Issues, The Challenges and The Solution.


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Global Financial Reset Report

The Global Financial Reset: Restoring Sound Money

A great change is now underway. The time for action is now. In this special report, valuable information, strategies, and steps are given to not just survive, but thrive in the turbulent economy that is upon us. 


How to Detect Truth from Lies in the Age of Fake News

New Opportunities through the paradigm shift of consciousness.


The Road Map – Your Passport to Freedom

Proprietary model to survive and thrive in Trumps America. Simple digital Free E-book provides a step by step outline and raises some very important issues and questions for the times in which we live.


What is PollMole?

Chapter One: What is PollMole?
Chapter Two: Election Reflection – The Rigged System Chapter
Three: PM R1.0 – Political Polling
Chapter Four: PM R2.0 – Opinion Polling


Surviving Global Governance

The ruling elite and secret cabal are clearly labeled here along with their intent for mankind.