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John Michael Chambers

John Michael Chambers

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John Michael Chambers

Making Sense of The Madness

Outer Bands of a Category Five Hurricane

McCabe got off! Comey got off! Nah, strategy. They’re all going down. Timing and optics. Keep reading please. Yes. The storm is upon us. This is a category five hurricane and we have just entered the outer bands of an intensifying category five with winds far exceeding 200 mph. There is a concentrated eye in…


Can You Hear Me Now? Donald Trump Jr. Reveals Q

Seven books, over 400 articles, scores of media interviews and public speeches but this may be the most important video commentary I have made to date. On February 5, 2020, the world changed and nobody quite knows it yet. Donald Trump Jr. Reveals Q on the Tucker Carlson show as Eric Trump did the same…


We Are The News

Now that Rudy Giuliani has been activated, we can mark this as a critical and pivotal moment. Sure, there has been the “alternative media” for quite some time now, but this is different. And as Q, (QANON) has told us, we are the news. Now with the most recent and incredibly dangerous and disruptive impeachment…


Rudy Has Been Activated

Rudy Giuliani has been activated. Timing is everything. The reason the Deep State, the Democrats and the Fake News are going after Rudy is because Rudy has all the goods on Biden, Burisma and the Ukraine. Instead of investigating Biden, they have diverted the narrative to investigate Rudy. This too, like all else, will backfire….