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John Michael Chambers

John Michael Chambers

-News Commentator-
John Michael Chambers

Making Sense of The Madness

Love Is Cool, Choose Love

Alone as I am at times, I feel the deep and powerful presence of life and love; we are energy, and God is energy. The universe we are a part of is energy, and at its purest, highest vibration you will find love. We are all individuals, yet we are one, one with love. Be…


We Are America

You know something and you can feel it in your heart and it is with you all of the time and you cannot turn it off or turn away from it. The truth is difficult to ignore. I know you feel it slipping away. In the 1940’s Woody Guthrie, American folk songwriter and activist said…


Tic-Tock Load And Lock

America has two things left, a voice and a gun. I am not advocating violence. Let us reflect on these words from President John F. Kennedy. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”. The movement towards Global Governance and the New World Order, (a one world government, a one world military,…


World Peace Or World In Pieces

For anyone who is half awake there is no question that it’s the end of the world as we once knew it. Instead of world peace we now have a perpetual declining state of existence and rather a world in pieces. How and why? The men and women behind the curtain. Problem-Reaction-Solution One form of…