Author.Public Speaker.Media.Songwriter

Founder of AMPNEWS.US, John Michael Chambers has been “awake” for over three decades. After retiring from a successful career as a financial advisor focusing on estate and retirement planning, in 2009 he formed the Save America Foundation a 501C4 and launched his radio program titled “Freedom It’s Up to U.S.”. As a songwriter, John has written over four dozen songs many of which are spiritual and freedom focused. One such song, “We Are America” has been the theme song for the popular show he launched, “Making Sense of the Madness” and is now the theme song for his program the “40K Foot View”. He has donated to numerous charities for over twenty years including “Operation Underground Railroad” which rescues and rehabilitates children from a life of sex trafficking.

After being censored, de-platformed and de-banked, John created a new news broadcasting company, American Media Periscope. AMP is an on line digital news network which challenges and exposes the mainstream media fake news narrative by providing the news behind news, and the story behind the story, keeping the people informed, empowered and connected. AMP was acquired in September of 2023 by CBMJ a publicly traded company. AMP was a media partner in General Michael Flynn’s and Clay Clarks “Reawaken America Tour” across the country. John was a regular platform speaker joining Eric Trump, General Michael Flynn, frontline Doctors and many patriots and professionals to help reawaken America.

John is the author of the five star rated book, “Trump and the Resurrection of America” and “Genocide Jab” an Amzon number 1 best seller. He has authored over four hundred articles and has spoken publicly to date in over two dozen states, dozens of cities and three countries, giving voice to those who have been sidelined while overturning the propagandistic narratives of the mainstream media. In a world of de-platforming, de-banking, censoring and cancelling, he has spearheaded the very successful “Patriot Monetization Program” empowering patriot influencers across America.

John is a visionary who is navigating unchartered waters providing truth and fresh ideas in this new paradigm shift and great awakening. He has made it his mission to expose the Deep State and the Shadow Government at every turn awakening, inspiring and motivating those he reaches to contribute to creating a better world. He often states, “We are in an intelligence battle and information warfare with psyops upon psyops but we are in fact winning this war. Due to the nature of this battle to resurrect America and redirect humanity on this course correction, we don’t know what we don’t know, but everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.  So hold the line patriots and continue to fight for what’s right. God is on our side”.

Today John is a contributor to AMPNEWS.US and serves as a consultant to CBMJ/AMPNEWS. AMPNEWS has merged with Patriot.Tv and is now owned by CBMJ and is perhaps the first in “alternative news” to become a publicly traded company. General Michael Flynn is a board member along with Floyd Brown and Mark Shaftlein. As executive council, John is the third largest share holder and serves as a content contributor and consultant to CBMJ/AMPNEWS. Connect directly with John Michael Chambers by visiting