Media Circus


News channels such as FOX, CNN or MSNBC and the dying networks ABC, NBC, and CBS is nothing more than a media circus with a cast of circus characters reading their scripted talking points and following their marching orders in exchange for huge salaries and fame. They are purveyors of disinformation.

The media are biased disinformation centers of negativity designed to further agendas and keep the populace entertained, frozen with fear, misinformed, and engaged in useless debates as they plow forward with their long sought after goals of controlling the talking points of the day. The media circus that surrounds you is nothing but a smoke screen.

Spiritual Being


Some comments on spirituality from my book “Misconceptions and Course Corrections”…

You are not a worthless, guilty sinner or simply a robotic controlled meat body. You are not a slave to the sinister force, which is wreaking havoc on this beautiful planet, nor are you a slave to the state or to the system. You are not here to just work, make money, pay bills, and worry yourself to death seeking happiness you believe is not attainable for you.

Yes, you have a mind and a body, but you are a spirit. You are a great, powerful, and magnificent spiritual being with psychic and intuitive abilities. You’re smart, you are a tapestry of beautiful and colorful rays of light, you have emotional and social intelligence, and you are an eternal being of light and love in all its glory and infinite sustaining wisdom and power. You have innate abilities in some cases not yet realized. You are loved and you are love. You are a unique individual connected with all of life and all of love, and you are never alone.

Danger at the Doorstep

Danger at the Doorstep

We have the creation and escalation of ISIS and terrorism as steps towards global government and the new world order. Unsustainable debt and the destruction of the U.S. dollar with China, the BRICS and the IMF implementing the new global financial reset, thus danger at the doorstep. It’s not the end of the world (yet), but it is the end of the world as we know it.

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