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John Michael Chambers

John Michael Chambers

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John Michael Chambers

Making Sense of The Madness

2020 Has Arrived And So Have The False Flags

Impeachment with False Flag Looming Boggles the mind that in order to proceed with impeachment you would think there would be high crimes and misdemeanors along with supportive facts and evidence in that stack of papers these treasonous idiots slow walked across to the Senate. Well not in the case of the Schiff-Nadler-Pelosi charade. Rest…


Pay Attention – Trump Ending Endless Wars

Commentary and Analysis by John Michael Chambers Welcome to the New Year as 2020 kicks off with a bang! President Trump is not starting a war with Iraq nor Iran. He is however fighting an ongoing war with the Deep State by delivering a strike against them with the take down of Gen. Qassem Soleimani….


2020 The Year that Changed Everything

Commentary and Analysis by John Michael Chambers Happy New Year my friends and fellow patriots. I embrace 2020 as a realist and my realism coupled with quality information and intuition, tells me to buckle up and just know this, we are indeed winning. Please read on. If you are not yet aboard, if you cannot…


The Impeachment That Never Was (Can You Say Criminal Illegal Coup?)

Commentary and analysis by John Michael Chambers And the fake news media headlines get it wrong again, “Trump Impeached”, oops-NOT! With headline after headline to keep the public ill-informed, (and by some measures there is an estimated 30% of Americans who actually believe the President was impeached and even removed from office), the main stream…